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Why a tour with Vintage Rides?

Since 2006, Vintage Rides has been the specialist for character-packed motorcycle tours. We design offbeat itineraries to give you an unforgettable motorbiking experience.

Our concept
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Our top destinations
Himalaya Nepal Mongolia Sri Lanka

Three packages - every possibility!

Whether you want to tour solo, in a pair, or with friends, on set dates or your own dates -
it's all possible. You choose what suits you best!

Join a group

For each tour, there are fixed-date departures. Groups consist of 12 bikers max, passengers included.

Make your own group

If no fixed date suits you, and you prefer to tour with your bunch of biker friends, this is the package you need.

Go adventuring

Freedom is yours! Want to travel alone or in a small group, without a tour leader? Of course!

Want to personalise your motorcycle tour?

The Vintage Rides spirit a passion to share

Every year, the Vintage Riders community gets bigger. Thanks for sharing your passion for motorbike travel!

“I would Highly recommend Vintage Rides. All we had to do was show up & ride. The rest was taken care of.”
“Well organized, excellent tour lead with support crew.”
“Very professionally run with experienced guides who, through their local knowledge, can get you to out of the way places the average traveller would not have access to.”
“Excellent tour of Rajasthan. Great bikes and superb accommodation. Anuj was just the best tour guide.”
Brian Marris
“Used this company twice now. They provide and excellent trouble free service. No hassle, awesome holidays.”
Rider feedback
The Vintage Rides team Never far away

In France and Asia, our team of keen bikers will help you design your motorcycle tour.

Motorbike tour expert
He travelled around the globe and crossed the US on a Harley before settling in Delhi to do what he does best - talk about motorbike trips in Asia.
Motorbike tour leader
Our roaming biker is still just as eager to scour the road network to unearth sublime routes and share his stories.
Motorbike tour leader
If our easternmost tour leader is not in Ulan Bator, then he's sure to be blazing a trail across the steppe.
Motorbike tour leader
An intrepid all-rounder, she has cruised India’s roads with many groups, and knows the country like the back of her leather-gloved hand.
Motorbike tour expert
Delhi-based for more than two years, he's our longest-serving expert. Buzzing with energy, he'll convey to you his knowledge of - and passion for - the Himalaya.
Motorbike tour leader
Our fashion-icon tour leader has two long-standing passions: photography and The Bullet. But above all, he’s in love with India.
Motorbike tour expert
Curious and versatile, he makes the most of his holidays to discover roads he's never travelled - on a Royal Enfield, naturally!
The team
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Satisfied riders

Discover India or Asia during a motorbike tour

Thirsty for adventure? Vintage Rides provides an extraordinary experience, thanks to a motorcycle tour in India, in Asia or elsewhere.

Our concept: travelling differently

Our concept is simple: on a Royal Enfield, you will discover new exotic places, far away from big touristic trails. Travelling off the beaten path will undoubtedly provide new experiences and unforgettable panoramas. One thing is certain: you’ll return home with plenty of long lasting memories!

Dreamy destinations

From Asia to Africa, we offer exotic and genuine itineraries. Our motorcycle tours will enable you to discover preserved nature: Mongolian steppes, Himalaya summits, Golden Triangle mountains… Our goal: to make you dream! As true travelling fans, our teams constantly reinvent new circuits to make you deeply discover the beauty of those regions.

A human experience above all

Thanks to your Royal Enfield, you easily reach the more isolated villages and meet the locals. As a popular means of transport, your motorbike enables you to create a real authentic connection by starting conversations. In the company of others riders, you experience the biker’s lonesome mind. You live a true human adventure!

Your fellow traveler: the legendary Royal Enfield

Choosing one of our motorcycle tours enables the development of a wide range of new sensations through vision, scent and feeling… Get on your Royal Enfield and lose yourself to its vibrations and thrumming engine. So many beautiful panoramas are in front of you! Let yourself be seduced by those new and exciting feelings.

Travels for everyone’s taste

Do you prefer travelling to India, Asia or elsewhere? Our options have been created to suit your personal taste. We offer many kinds of itineraries, depending on your level and expectancies: motorbike tours on uneven roads or more peaceful rides… You can also travel alone or with a group of people, follow your instinct!

A fully developed organization

All along your motorbike tours, our teams look after you. Our goal? To guarantee you as much security and comfort as possible. To do so, an English guide or an English speaker is always available. A breakdown? A mechanic comes out immediately. An assistance vehicle also transports your group’s luggage and carries any mechanical parts. That’s simple: you travel, we take charge of the rest!

What are you waiting for? Schedule your trip on our departure calendar now.

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