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The Wonders of the Atlas Mountains
Motorcycle Ramble
The Wonders of the Atlas Mountains
/ rider
7 jours • 7 départs
30 Jun. 2024
30 Jun. 24
4 motos
09 Sep. 2024
09 Sep. 24
9 motos
23 Sep. 2024
23 Sep. 24
10 motos
The Wild Spirit of the Steppe
Adventure Tour
The Wild Spirit of the Steppe
/ rider
10 jours • 3 départs
29 Aug. 2024
29 Aug. 24
8 motos
04 Jun. 2025
04 Jun. 25
10 motos
02 Jul. 2025
02 Jul. 25
7 motos
The Trans-Himalayan
Adventure Tour
India / Himalaya
The Trans-Himalayan
/ rider
15 jours • 3 départs
22 Jun. 2024
22 Jun. 24
5 motos
27 Jul. 2024
27 Jul. 24
7 motos
09 Aug. 2024
09 Aug. 24
1 motos
Sharing and Openness
Sharing and Openness
Share a true human adventure with other riders. Set out to meet local populations for unique and unforgettable moments.
Our guides are always in search of roads and byways that will lead you to the discovery of preserved places, far from mass tourism.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
Embarking on distinctive motorcycle adventures, stepping out of one's comfort zone.
Travel according to your wishes
Find travel inspiration by style
Adventure Tour
Adventure Tour
Luxury Tour
Luxury Tour
Motorcycle Ramble
Motorcycle Ramble
Motorcycle Training
Motorcycle Training
Our teams adapt to your wishes to create the trip that suits you.
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I was unaware that the nightly group feedback would to some extent determine the following...

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Header article Blog Tanzanie
26 Nov. 2021 • New destinations
Travelling across Tanzania on a motorcycle is what dreams are made of! Searching for adventure on the African continent, we’ll take you on an amazing motorcycle tour on a Royal Enfield Himalayan in the heart of the Great Rift Valley. Few places in the world offer such spectacularly varied scenery and stunning nature! Here are 5 reasons why you should follow us on Tanzania’s secret tracks.
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circuit moto en sardaigne
09 Jul. 2021 • New destinations
A closer look at our Explorer package
We cooked up a brand new concept for you some time ago now: the Explorer package. A self-guided yet sociable adventure, where you can expect the unexpected and feel that rush of freedom. A motorcycle tour that promises some great moments with your group and returning with plenty of stories to tell. But what exactly is this new package that is spicing up our European destinations?
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on the road with jules
25 Jun. 2020 • Vintage Rides Team
On the Road with Jules
Saint Vincent & Grenadines, Burma, Lebanon... Our new Assistant General Manager has spent his first 27 years abroad, with many adventures along the way!
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Embracing the Unknown with Vintage Rides

Adventure is about broadening your horizons by delving into the unknown. This is the “raison d'être” of Vintage Rides, a premium agency for distinctive motorcycle adventures, created to encourage as many people as possible to embark on an adventure.

Thirsty for adventure? Vintage Rides is ready to provide you with an extraordinary motorcycle tour experience on any of the 4 continents where we operate.

Explore wild trails of the world on a Vintage Rides motorcycle tour

Our concept is simple: Embark on a motorcycle trip astride a Royal Enfield to discover new exotic places, far from the main tourist routes. Travelling off the beaten path will undoubtedly provide new experiences and unforgettable panoramas. One thing is certain: you’ll return home with plenty of long-lasting memories! Whether you want to travel alone on your motorcycle road trip or with a group, you’ll be sure to meet other bikers on one of our fixed departures. Travelling with a group of up to 12 pilots, you’ll share unique moments with other like-minded motorcycle travel enthusiasts who may be fellow compatriots or from further afield. What could be better than being surrounded by other motorcyclists who love the freedom and adventure of a motorbike tour? You’ll also get to experience the sheer pleasure of riding, meet locals and explore your surroundings, a sure-fire bet that you’ll enjoy every moment intensely. After this authentic motorcycle road trip, you’ll be planning when you’ll next be able to set off behind the handlebars of Royal Enfield.

From Europe to Asia, South America to Africa, we offer classic tours all around the world. Join us on an unparalleled motorcycle trip to discover unspoilt splendor of nature: the Mongolian Steppes, the Himalayan Peaks, the Golden Triangle and many more! Our goal: to make your motorcycle travel dreams a reality! As true travel buffs, our teams are constantly devising new routes so that you can discover the hidden beauty in these regions. With more than 40 different motorcycle tour itineraries to choose from, you can travel across the continents, living a completely unique experience every time. From the get-go, you’ll be astounded by the stunning landscapes that pass before your eyes. Not only will you fulfill your passion for riding, you’ll meet local people and immerse yourself in their culture, such intense experiences that will give you the motorcycle travel bug. What’s more, fun and adventure are guaranteed!

Whether you are an adventurer at heart, always seeking new challenges, or prefer to travel at a slower pace, Vintage Rides has you covered. With such a vast range of destinations and itineraries, you are sure to find a motorbike tour that is perfect for your needs. If you are looking for thrills, our “Adventure Tour” style of motorcycle travel is adrenaline fuelled and ideal for you! If you are planning to take things slower, we recommend the “Luxury Tour” for a relaxed motorcycle road trip getaway with plenty of R&R and special moments. And if you’d prefer to mix it up, you can get the best of both worlds with a “Motorcycle Ramble” style of motorbike tour. No matter which you choose, you can expect a classic motorcycle road trip that combines the pleasure of riding and discovering local culture, always in a breathtaking setting.

Thanks to your Royal Enfield, your motorcycle trip will easily transport you to the more isolated villages where you will have authentic encounters with friendly locals. As a popular means of transport, your motorcycle enables you to create connections and start conversations. In the company of other riders, you bond over the camaraderie of the road. You will live a true human adventure!

Choosing a motorcycle tour with Vintage Rides means stimulating all your senses on a truly incredible journey. Mount up on your Royal Enfield and lose yourself to the purring of the engine. So many beautiful landscapes await! Let yourself be seduced by those new and exciting feelings. Manufactured since 1901, this motorcycle brand is one of the oldest in the world. Emblematic in India, the Royal Enfield is timeless in its beauty and performance. Not only is it affordable for riders of all levels, it is also the perfect bike for getting off the beaten tracks. Authentic and hearty, the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 is ideal for motorcycle travel. At a leisurely cruising speed, you can enjoy every inch of scenery that passes before you on your motorcycle trip. The Himalayan, built for off-road adventure, will no doubt appeal too. Adaptable to all types of terrain, this versatile bike will give you a thrilling motorcycle road trip experience. Difficult to make a choice, isn’t it? Don’t worry, Vintage Rides will give you the model best suited to your motorcycle trip.

Dreaming of an Asia motorcycle tour? Has a South America motorcycle tour been calling your name? Or perhaps another continent that has captured your imagination? Our motorcycle tour options have been created to suit your personal taste. We offer many kinds of itineraries, depending on your level of experience and holiday goals. Whether you’re looking for a rugged off-road motorbike tour or more relaxing luxury experience, we’ve got you covered! You can also choose to travel alone or with a group of people, whichever best suits you! We offer three different motorcycle tour options to meet the needs and wants of every rider. The first one, called “Fixed Departure”, lets you be part of a group of 12 people maximum. This will be the opportunity to share a motorcycle trip off the beaten tracks with passionate bikers. If you already have a group of rider friends with whom you want to plan an adventure, that’s possible too! With the “Tailor-Made” formula, you can arrange a motorcycle road trip in line with your expectations with a departure date that will suit everyone. If you prefer, you can fully customise your trip with the “A la carte” solution.

Whether you’re exploring the wilds on an Africa motorcycle tour or unearthing hidden gems a little closer to home on a Europe motorcycle tour, our riders’ comfort and safety is paramount for Vintage Rides. Our team of passionate motorcycle tour professionals will accompany you every step of the way, from the initial designing of your motorcycle trip to the tour itself. Worried you may have a query or an unexpected problem? Fear not! You’ll be supported by experienced staff both on the tour and at Vintage Rides offices around the world. Throughout your motorbike tour, our teams are on hand to look after you. Our goal? We want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable at all times. That’s why an English motorcycle tour guide or an English speaker will always be available. We also have mechanics on staff so if you experience a breakdown, help is never far away. A support vehicle also transports your group’s luggage and carries tools as well as spare mechanical parts. It’s pretty simple: you focus on enjoying your motorcycle road trip and we take care of the rest!

We have shared our passion for pure motorcycling adventure with you for nearly two decades. From our very first India motorcycle tour to today, offering dozens of unique itineraries on four continents, our goal has remained the same: we want you to discover the roads of the world differently. We want to help you make your motorcycle road trip dreams of exploring faraway lands come true. That’s why our motorcycle tour itineraries combine the undeniable pleasure of riding with experiencing local cultures and unusual destinations. More and more of you are choosing Vintage Rides to organise your motorcycle travel and we thank you for it. With more than 1,400 riders travelling with us every year, your trust in us is essential. We work daily to make your motorcycle trip as successful as possible. It is therefore important for us not only to collect your opinions, but also to share them with you.

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