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Vintage Rides wants you to embark on an amazing experience with a motorcycle tour in Asia. Set off on Asian roads to explore exotic destinations far from the beaten tourist track. Better than the usual bike tours, our enthusiastic team has a range of handpicked motorcycle tours in Asia for you. Above all, our objective is to ensure you a safe and comfortable trip. Your tour leader will take you riding the best tracks in Asia. Therefore, you can enjoy the lush landscape, meet locals and make countless unforgettable memories. All you have to think about is enjoying the feeling of freedom in this remote part of the world. Which of our Asia bike tours are you going to choose?


The ultimate motorcycle tour in Asia with Vintage Rides and a classic motorbike: the Royal Enfield. This vintage motorbike par excellence ensures an ‘old-fashioned’ riding experience. Just imagine cruising through the continent of smiles to the sound of its vibrations and its single-cylinder purring. Its retro look attracts onlookers’ attention. As a result, it’ll take you closer to the local people and culture. Synonymous with India, travelling on a Royal Enfield is a nod to local culture and you can take the pulse of the country, while blending into the crowds. From Thar Desert to Rajasthan to Java’s volcanoes or from the Mongolian steppes to the highest of passes in the Himalayas, the legendary Indian motorbike has proven its worth. Humble yet robust, all bikers -no matter their riding experience- end up falling for the Royal Enfield.


We tailor your big bike tours in Asia to your preferences. Consequently, all you need is a motorcycle licence and to pick the formula that best suits you: a small group, a tailor-made tour or a solo riding experience! Seasoned bikers wanting to push themselves to the limit should go for one of our Adventure Tours. It is not for the faint-hearted, with more than 50% tracks, you ride between six and eight hours a day. You cross remote regions and experience sensory overloads on the way! In contrast, if you prefer exploring and connecting with the local community, choose a Motorcycle Ramble. These classic motorbike trips in Asia give you time to visit the country’s cultural sites. Our Luxury Tours are best for those who wish to enjoy a real holiday or are travelling in couples. At a relaxed pace, each day is geared around biking and relaxing in comfortable accommodation.


Vintage Rides has been sharing its passion for extraordinary motorcycle tours in Asia for more than 10 years. Due to our original concept, we take you across Asia on our tours to destinations that are exotic and authentic. Our motorbike Asia road trips take you to the heart of eight destinations in Asia: India, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos and Indonesia.

India by motorbike

The birthplace of the Royal Enfield, India is the Vintage Rides base camp. Depending on the season and your preferences, we can take you from the highest peaks of the Indian Himalayas to authentic rural regions, with a range of tours to show you this immense country by motorcycle. Many riders get excited about Ladakh and the Trans-Himalayan, a once-in-a-lifetime road that crosses the highest motorable pass in the world until the Tibetan border. While north India, Rajasthan is a must for anyone who wants to be amazed by the changing scenery. Hedonists usually opt for South India to explore the ancient colonial towns Pondicherry and Fort Kochi. Also, they enjoy the natural beauty of Kerala, its backwaters, spice gardens and tea plantations. Other travellers want different types of motorcycle tours and focus on Madhya Pradesh or Odisha, two regions with timeless charm.

Nepal by motorbike

The Kathmandu roads, Lake Pokhara, Kathmandu Valley, thousand-year-old temples and mountain villages, Nepal has always mesmerised the Vintage Rides team. Consequently, our longing to explore the Himalayas and Annapurna led us to design motorcycle adventure tours to Mustang. These are some of the most amazing Royal Enfield motorbike trips in Asia. For experienced bikers, an off-road tour of Nepal shows off the world’s highest peaks. Nepalese hospitality, unreal landscapes and rocky Himalayan tracks win over every biker!

Bhutan by motorbike

How about a motorcycle tour of Bhutan? This little kingdom hidden in the heart of the Himalayas guarantees an unforgettable experience. Nicknamed the country of happiness, Bhutan has made a name for itself worldwide for its Gross National Happiness index. Cruise on some of the most beautiful motorcycle roads on earth, cross high-altitude passes and visit the most traditional villages in the world. Also in Bhutan, religious fervour comes alive during Buddhist festivals. The monks dancing in the immense Dzongs’ courtyards and imposing monasteries amaze onlookers. A motorcycle tour in Bhutan takes you deep into another world, somewhere close to paradise.

Mongolia by motorbike

Vast unspoilt regions, free from buildings, roads, fences and farmlands, very few countries offer such a great feeling of freedom. The aim of this journey is to venture into some of the most immense open spaces you will ever experience: the never-ending steppes. Furthermore, Mongolia is unlike any other destination. Wild and authentic, its sheer diversity of landscapes and the locals’ hospitality never cease to amaze. Beneath the yurt, every encounter with nomads leaves lasting memories. Travelling through Mongolia by motorbike is an out-of-the-ordinary adventure that everyone wants to repeat.

Sri Lanka by motorbike

In the heart of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a real treasure island to discover by motorbike. Ancient Ceylon is marked by several influences and offers an excellent mix of cultures and religions. During a road trip in Sri Lanka, locals welcome you with the most beautiful smile in all of Asia. As a result, if you’re thinking of a motorcycle tour in Sri Lanka, this country has everything you need: sun, the natural beauty and foliage, mountains, tea plantations, ancient cities, pristine beaches, not to mention its wildlife!

Thai motorcycle tours

Leave Chiang Mai behind and escape to the mountains of Northern Thailand. In the mythical Golden Triangle region, take the paths and tracks of the ancient Kingdom of Siam. An excellent taster motorcycle tour in Asia, Thailand has a lot to offer. Take to the tracks at the borders of Burma and Laos. Similarly, sample the fantastic cuisines and experience locals’ warm welcome. Further south, explore Phuket’s hinterland and let yourself be surprised by Southern Thailand’s hidden gems.

Laos by motorbike

Riding a motorcycle in Laos is the best way to discover the “Land of a Million Elephants”. Following the Mekong, take the short cut across the mountains of North Laos. Setting off from the ancient royal capital, Luang Prabang, you take Laos’s wild tracks to an Asian elephant Conservation centre. Hence you’ll get the chance to meet this beautiful creature.

Indonesia by motorbike

Are you looking for an exotic adventure? Head to Indonesia for a motorcycle tour of South East Asia. From Bali to Java, explore Indonesia on a Royal Enfield. Wild beaches, tropical jungles, glistening rice paddies, sacred temples and welcoming locals are waiting for you.


And what about Japan, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, China? With unexplored lands to discover, we are excited about sharing our new motorcycle tours in Asia. The world is our oyster and we are not short of inspiration. We are also working on other adventures outside of Asia. Do not hesitate to inquire about our motorcycle tours in Europe, our motorcycle tours in South America or our motorcycle tours in Africa!



Be amazed by the incredible diversity of the Indian Himalayan countryside. From the lunar landscape of Ladakh to the lush green valleys of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, this unspoilt region of India promises motorbike tours that you'll remember for a long, long time.
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