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Motorcycle Tour Morocco

Who has not dreamt of embarking on a motorcycle tour in Morocco? Several bikers have already been seduced by this fascinating destination at Europe's doorstep. If you think that this country doesn't hold any more secrets for you, come join us. We will unravel our itineraries away from the classical tours, somewhere between little known spots, secret paths and fabulous roads. Discover Morocco and the Atlas mountains meandering away from the beaten tracks on your Royal Enfield. Landscapes between the sea and the mountains, immense plateaus, oases, canyons, palm groves and breath-taking mountain passes: we guarantee you an exotic experience. Riders looking for nature and large open spaces will be pleased. This Royal Enfield trip in Morocco will transport you to the most beautiful roads in the country and unforgettable paths in the High Atlas mountains. From the Zabora canyon to the mythical Dadès gorges, from lost villages to charming accommodation, experience an extraordinary motorcycle adventure in Morocco. Not to mention the cities of Casablanca, Marrakesh or Agadir. You will be mesmerised by the beauty of the landscapes as well as the generous welcome extended by the Berbers and their legendary hospitality. Go on this motorcycle foray in Morocco to discover this country in an alternate way.

Motorcycle tour season in Morocco

When should one travel to Morocco for a motorcycle trip? Always choose the intermediary seasons to discover Morocco. The best period for travelling in Morocco is in spring and autumn. In the spring, the landscape is green, the peaks still covered with snow and the heat still bearable. In April-May and September-October, the temperatures are more pleasant. However Morocco’s climate varies depending on the region and oceanic, Mediterranean, mountain or Saharan influences. If you are not scared of the heat or if you are leaving on a trek in the mountains, it is possible to leave between May and September. During summer in Morocco, you can take the opportunity to go for a swim and relax on the beaches. The coastline weather is then mild with the sea breeze and is very pleasant. During winter in Morocco, from December to February, the sky is blue and the temperatures exceed 20°. The season is quite suitable for hiking on foot or on camelback in the Sahara desert. A few travelers go near Marrakech in winter to do skiing. For a motorcycle tour of Morocco, we suggest you leave ideally in spring and autumn.

Geography Morocco

Morocco’s geography could be summarized as a combination of mountains, plains and deserts. The country is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The high mountains occupy the country’s north and the Mediterranean coast with the Rif. In the inland areas, Atlas is the only mountain range in Maghreb. Middle Atlas, the land of hot springs, is a true playground for a motorcycle tour in Morocco. The country’s highest peak, Djebel Toubkal, reaches an altitude of 4 187 m in the High Atlas. This mountain is characterised by two major sites: Todgha Gorge and Dadès Gorge, mythical for those who travel by motorcycles in Morocco. The Rif is the extension of the Betic Cordillera in southern Spain. It is a very beautiful green region, covered with forests. In the South, on the other side of Anti-Atlas, stretches of arid areas can be found close to the Sahara Desert like the sand dune desert of Chebbi. Rocky and sometimes sandy terrain, the region has mountains dotted with oases. This is where the nomadic herders live and work on the date harvests.

History and culture in Morocco

The Berbers were the first ones to occupy Morocco and constitute today the main part of the population living in the mountains and the desert. In the 7th century, it is the Arabs who landed from Tunisia and enforced the Islamic religion in the region. In 788, Idris I, a descendent of the Prophet, was elected local head and created the city of Fez. His son made it the imperial capital. Later in the 12th century, the Berbers seized power and established Marrakesh. The perimeters of the empire extended from Spain to Libya through Timbuktu. During a motorcycle trip in Morocco, you will have the opportunity to discover the wonders of the cities of Casablanca, Fez or Marrakesh. France set up its protectorate in 1912 and colonisation continued till the Second World War when France became weak. During this time, the idea of a nation emerged in Morocco and its independence was recognised in 1956. The Kingdom of Morocco entered the modern world with the reign of Hassan II. The country seized Western Sahara, which was till then in the hands of the Spanish. Then it was the turn of Mohammed VI to ascend to the throne in 1999. He is still heading this constitutional monarchy and is immensely popular in Morocco.

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