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Motorcycle trip Chile

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Motorcycle Tour Chile

A motorcycle trip in Chile will take you to the end of the world, in one of the most beautiful countries of South America. Nestled against the Andean mountains, Chile is a country of extremes and diversity. High peaks, salt lakes, canyons, volcanoes, deserts, lagoons or glaciers, there is everything in Chile. Your motorcycle guide will take you to the desert of Atacama and its magnificent valley of the moon to the gateway of the Andes mountains through vineyards in the central plains. You will ride on exquisite trails, steep coastlines, and mountain roads of this distant and fascinating land. From your motorcycle, you will take the time to admire the amazing panoramas that open out in front of you. In this world forged between the Andean mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Chile is characterized by a unique identity and offers a rich cultural heritage. Come and conquer the capital, Santiago or the peaceful streets of the mythical port of Valparaiso. Enjoy the art of living, the delicious cuisine and the warm hospitality of the Chileans. There is so much to discover during a motorcycle trip in South America

When should one leave for a motorcycle trip to Chile?

Situated in the Southern hemisphere, Chile has reversed seasons as compared to Europe. Winter is in July-August and summer in January-February. For a motorcycle trip in Chile, travel in spring and autumn, notably for the central regions and the capital Santiago. With such a spread-out territory from the North to the South, Chile has major climatic variations. Stark contrasts between the heat and dryness of the Atacama desert, known for being the most arid desert of the world, to the southern tip of Patagonia known for its windy and rainy weather, influenced by cold air masses from Antarctica. The central region around Santiago and Valparaiso enjoy a Mediterranean type of climate: hot and dry summers, mild and rainy winters with average temperatures of 28°C in summer. Further south, the region of lakes enjoys a temperate rainy weather with a little less rain in the austral summer months, from December to March. From Chiloe to Cape Horn, there extends Patagonia and the Tierra del Fuego, mythical territories known for their difficult climatic conditions. You will be lucky to have a few beautiful days in summer with amazing light but the weather nevertheless remains unstable.

Geography for a motorcycle road trip in Chile

Stuck between the Pacific Ocean and the Andean mountains, Chile has a stunning geography. From Peru to the Tierra del Fuego, its silhouette of long and narrow stretch of land covers more than 4000km, offering spectacular landscapes. Its territory is essentially composed of mountains. During a motorcycle trip in Chile, you will ride on the most beautiful roads winding through the Andean mountains, near the Argentinean border. The Andes mountains are the true backbone spanning the entire country. The central valley has an almost Mediterranean climate and it is at the heart of this fertile region that you will find the famous Chilean vineyards. Get a higher perspective with the highlands of Altiplano, at an altitude of more than 4000m. The highest volcano of the world, the Nevado Ojos del Salado is the highest point of Chile at 6893 m. On these infinite lands surrounded by 6000m-high snow peaks, you will come across a few vineyards. The great austral South is intact and the tip of the American continent looks like Alaska. Patagonia and its fjords extend upto the mythical Cape Horn. Not to forget the incredible Easter Island, located at more than 3 700 km of Chilean coast.

History and Culture for a motorcycle trip in Chile

A land of contrasts, Chile surprises many with its nature, its climate and its history. During a motorcycle trip in Chile, you will be fully immersed in the Chilean culture. Before the arrival of Spanish conquistadores, several Indian cultures were already present in Chile such as the Mapuche or the Aymara cultures. In 1520, Fernand de Magellan is the first European to set foot on the Chilean territory after having discovered the strait that bears his name. The Mapuche Indians resisted the invader for more than a century but progressively the colony was established till it acquired independence in 1818. The 19th century is then marked by territorial expansion including the annexation of Easter Island in 1888. After prosperity in the beginning of the 20th century, economic and social difficulties as well as political instability appeared. The worldwide economic crisis of 1929 pushed Chile into recession. Governments came and went as did military coups. On 11th September 1973, Augusto Pinochet, Army Chief of Staff, overthrew Salvador Allende and created a dictatorial military regime. It wasn’t until 1988, after the dictator Pinochet was defeated in elections that the country returned to democracy. In 2006, Michelle Bachelet became the first woman President of Chile.

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