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Motorcycle tour Nepal

Motorcycle tour Nepal

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Spiritual refuge in the land of snows

Right in the middle of the Himalayas, Nepal is a relatively unknown but fascinating little country. In the capital of Katmandu, you will be amazed by a nice relaxed lifestyle despite the sprawling urban development. This easy lifestyle is still at the core of all the little Nepalese villages you’ll meet on your road. Admiration and beauty will characterize your trip at the summit of the world. You will also discover a fascinating culture which finds itself between Buddhism and Hinduism. Your motorcycle tour in Nepal will progressively open the gates to new feelings: patience, wisdom and altruism.

Nepal, the true perfection

At the heart of Asia, Nepal has the faculty to captivate your soul. From your very arrival, the temples, the tiny traditional villages and the extraordinary local culture are inviting you to new horizons. Besides, what about the majestic Teraï jungle or the snow-covered Annapurnas summits? These are totally subjugating. Indeed, your motorcycle tour in Nepal is a pledge for strong emotions and exceptional panoramas.

Travelling differently: a motorbike tour in Nepal

As an experienced rider, are you continuously seeking strong emotions? Wait no longer! From April to November, follow our team of passionate guides on the Nepalese roads. It’s an 11 to 14 days of total immersion. Our mythical circuits include paths high in the mountains, up to a thousand meters! As you ride your Royal Enfield in between 750 & 1200 kilometers, you will also discover new landscapes, from luxuriant forests and rice fields to the Mustang area. What a diverse trip! During your motorbike tour in Nepal, you may also appreciate a bath in the Tatopani hot water springs… Thanks to your motorbike, you won’t content yourself with merely visiting the country. You will also be able to understand its soul, get closer to its secrets. Sail on the Narayani River, quietly observe the crocodiles in their natural environment or take a stroll on an elephant’s back. Near you, the show offered by the royal Bengal tigers, the unicorn rhinoceroses, and the wild bears is totally disorienting and magnificent. Your motorcycle tour in Nepal will enable you to go deeper into your dreams. Truly fell in love with Asia and want to discover more? The adventure continues in South India, Bhutan or Thailand!

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The opinion of Doddy.
Vintage Rider

«We were a bunch of mates from Norwich in the UK looking for something different on bikes. We decided to email 2 company's, Vintage rides and another Aussie outfit based in Nepal. Both company's provided a detailed route in the Mustang Valley in Nepal. The Aussie company was slightly cheaper but the bikes looked older and most importantly sending 20,000 euro's abroad to either company did not appeal to me! However Vintage rides payments are covered via our version of ABTA. The Aussie company payments were not. Easy choice for us. We arrived in Nepal to be greated by the coolest dude at the airport in leather jacket, ciggy in one hand , his name Francois. I can go on and bang on about what an experience the ride was which it was but if you are looking for a company to to have the ride of your life then Vintage rides is at the top of the game. All hotels were fantastic, we bumped into another British company half way up the Mustang valley and I have to say I was glad I had booked Vintage rides. The bike the Britsh had were all sorts of old Royal Enfields and the hotel they were in looked terrible, even the Britsh tour t-shirts they were wearing looked like they were from pound land ! Francois our gide put up with 8 middle aged blokes on a 12 day bender! One hotel we drunk dry !! Brexit was mentioned once or twice but we all decided the French are not so bad after all they can drink as well !! Francois new exactly where to take us ,he has done these trips most of his life. The support crew were 10 mins behind us all the time to fix puncures and fix bikes. Vintage rides is a company that know's what it is doiing and I would have no hesitation in booking another trip (Mongolia) again. A big thankyou to Francois and Denise for organising such a great trip. Roll on next year we are booking again. Doddy.»

All Motorcycle trips in Nepal

2670€/pilot – 2370€/pillion
Michael Travel designer Michael

Nepal Forever

Motorcycle Ramble

“A diverse road trip, soaking up Nepalese culture.”

Duration 11 days incl. 7 days' riding
Level Intermediate
Period October & November
3200€/pilot – Pillions unadvised
Francis Travel designer Francis

Mustang: the Legendary Expedition

Adventure Tour

“A tour of Nepal and Tibet, for seasoned riders seeking the ultimate.”

Duration 14 days incl. 12 days' riding
Level Demanding
Period April & May / October & November

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Since 2006, Vintage Rides has been the specialist for character-packed motorcycle tours. We design offbeat itineraries to give you an unforgettable motorbiking experience.

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