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Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha... Discover northern India on a Royal Enfield

A beautiful, invigorating region, northern India is teeming with treasures that make it unique. With its preserved nature, diverse cultures and fascinating history, northern India leaves an impression on every soul that ventures there. Our motorcycle tours North India veer away from the beaten tracks to explore the region that has fascinated us since the first time we discovered it on our Royal Enfields. Choose a road trip in one of the destinations that we offer (Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh or Odisha) and explore this unique land.

Explore Rajasthan on one of our motorcycle tours

In northern India, Rajasthan attracts all types of bikers eager for adventure and exploration. In fact, this lavish region’s colours, landscapes and past never cease to sate travellers’ curiosity and desire to discover. Explore an unknown land on one of our motorcycle tours Rajasthan. Cross arid landscapes, ancient cities and take on wild tracks on a Royal Enfield.

Set off for adventure on our motorcycle tours in Madhya Pradesh

Looking for a unique adventure? Discover all our motorcycle tours in Madhya Pradesh. A wild, uncrowded region, Madhya Pradesh appeals to motorcyclists looking for a holiday surrounded by nature, far off the beaten tourist track. Exotic scenery is guaranteed for bikers who are set to mount their Royal Enfields, ready to ride the roads of this region worth visiting.

On the quest for authentic India with our motorcycle tours in Odisha

Odisha is a tribal land, untouched by tourists, where it feels like time has stood still and its many treasures make it all the more special. This destination appeals to riders wanting to connect with locals as you’ll pass traditional tribes, cross dense forests and national parks and discover unspoilt beaches on your Royal Enfield. So, what are you waiting for? Set off on our motorcycle tour in Odisha.

A word from the Vintage Rides team

While the destinations mentioned have many similarities, they also have many differences. Here’s some basic information to help you decide where to take your next motorcycle holiday. This information will help you choose your ideal road trip destination. For official information, we invite you to visit India’s Government Web Directory Portal.

Depending on the type of environment you’re looking for, you may prefer one type of trip to another. Rajasthan has its tourist appeal, so it is great for travellers who like popular destinations. Riders who favour a wilder, more remote road trip experience are better off opting for Madhya Pradesh or Odisha. * In a bid to make our tours accessible to all riding levels, we have designed several categories:

Choose a “Motorcycle Ramble” tour if you want to combine the pleasure of riding, connecting with local people and discovering the country’s culture first hand. Our “Luxury Tours” are made for people who want motorcycle riding and comfort in equal measure. If you’re looking for an adrenaline buzz, you’d love our “Adventure Tours”.

You can also ride with a pillion. Our tours are the perfect chance to ride with a friend or your partner. Whatever formula you choose, set off with Vintage Rides on a Royal Enfield and discover a new motorcycle tour in North India. Wish to continue the adventure in the surrounding areas? Have a look at our other Nepal motorcycle tours or our Mongolia motorcycle tour

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A long-distance adventurer and serial joker, he crossed the USA on a Harley before settling in Delhi to do what he does best - talk about motorcycle trips in Asia. His favourite tour destination? Mongolia, the land of blue skies, where he spent a season last year.

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