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Motorcycle tour Indonesia

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Dive deep into the Indonesian territory

Indonesia is a dream for every traveler at heart, calling up images of temples, tropical jungles, breathtaking landscapes and an enticing multicultural society. Indonesia is both magical and fascinating: a little piece of paradise surrounded by the sea. It’s a combination of volcanic mountains, verdant paddy fields and a plethora of small islands on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Known for its rich history and culture, it’s time for you to discover this country and experience a unique adventure on your motorcycle.

The singular and authentic Indonesia

Travelling the roads of Indonesia, you’ll stumble across its uniquely amazing landscapes. Ride through the country and observe its astonishing diversity. From Mount Bromo volcano to the Island of Gods: a destination with lush vegetation and a thousand charms. Meet people from many diverse ethnic communities and navigate through the heart of Bali’s paddy fields, where a rare calm and serenity reigns. Above all, don’t miss Komodo Island, populated by its famously impressive reptiles. They’re the biggest lizards on Earth, measuring up to 3 meters in length. You’ll find yourself completely absorbed by the country’s authentic and savage scenery.
To be able to truly discover Indonesia’s profound and sumptuous treasures, you must immerse yourself completely.

Another way of travelling: a motorcycle tour in Indonesia

Are you a traveler at heart? Or a biker by nature? Try it out and discover our Indonesia motorcycle trip on a superb motorcycle, in an environment of a unique charm. Visit the country from July to September, riding your Royal Enfield from Bali to Java, along with our experienced tour leader. Your journey will take 12 days, of which 9 are dedicated to an intense motorcycle discovery of Indonesia’s incredible facets. Enjoy truly magical moments and experience ancestral traditions and natural wonders. Are you looking for a thrill? Be prepared to have all your desires fulfilled: there are so many roads to explore.
There is so much to discover and learn in Indonesia. Firstly, you need to leave the main roads and flee the tourist spots. There you’ll discover the serenity of the place, the calm and beauty of the country. Why not enjoy a break between two rides on the local islands? You’re guaranteed to find some of the most majestic spots on Earth. Enjoy your stay, luxuriate in the local culture and food, meet and understand the inhabitants and their traditions. You’ll find people from so many religious backgrounds: Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Animists, all living all in the same place and sharing core values of generosity and hospitality.
Dare to travel differently, in a way you have never experienced before. Explore Indonesia and its treasures freely. Explore Indonesia and its treasures freely. By choosing our motorcycle tour in Indonesia, you’ll experience a real human adventure.
And for those of you who are in love with Asia, and do not want to stop there, check out our other extraordinary trips to Thailand, Sri Lanka or Himalaya.
You’ll be discovering new landscapes, new emotions and pure beauty!

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Region expert

A curious and versatile motorbike tour expert, he uses his vacations to head off north and south and explore roads he doesn't know yet - on a Royal Enfield, naturally! A video enthusiast, he always returns with souvenir footage that he'll readily share with you.

The opinion of Daphne
Vintage Rider

«Absolutely fantastic. The pre-trip organization and communication was stellar. The itinerary and accommodations were well planned and our guide, mechanic, and support driver collectively allowed for a trip where any risk of stress was quickly replaced with nothing but pure delight. I took the Spiti Valley tour ("Gateway to Tibet") which offered otherworldly views and rich cultural exposure. The remote area was particularly enjoyable as even when compared to other Himalayan routes there was very little traffic... truck or otherwise (The last thing I want to do is to go to a remote location to be stuck endlessly maneuvering around slow trucks). I sing the praises of Vintage Rides at every possible opportunity. I've ridden motorcycles all over the world either independently or with a tour group and this trip was tops! I wish I had sooner discovered Vintage Rides and they will certainly be my choice again. Vive la Moto! (If you like to see the video of the trip it is at advmotorbike dot com under "global moto"... it will say in image more than my words can convey!)»

All Motorcycle trips in Indonesia

2390€/pilot – 2090€/pillion
Francis Travel designer Francis

Balinese Getaway

Motorcycle Ramble

“Travel along the little-known roads of Bali, and let yourself be amazed by the island's ancestral traditions and natural wonders it has to offer.”

Duration 8 days incl. 6 days' riding
Level Intermediate
Period May to October
3390€/pilot – 3090€/pillion
Francis Travel designer Francis

From Bali to Java on the Volcanoes Trail

Motorcycle Ramble

“A motorcycle tour to discover the natural wonders of Indonesia.”

Duration 14 days incl. 9 days' riding
Level Intermediate
Period June to October

Also with Vintage Rides

Since 2006, Vintage Rides has been the specialist for character-packed motorcycle tours in Asia. We design offbeat itineraries to give you an unforgettable motorbiking experience.

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