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Tunisia: Chasing the Nomad Caravans
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Tunisia: Chasing the Nomad Caravans
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16 Nov. 2024
16 Nov.24
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Step off the plane and into an entirely new realm with a motorbike tour in Tunisia. The warm, salty sea air fills your lungs as you take in your surroundings. You have arrived in Djerba. White sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise water envelope this vibrant island. But Tunisia has many more treasures to reveal on your Tunisia motorcycle tour. Aboard your Royal Enfield Himalayan, you will discover the history and culture of this beautiful and eclectic nation. In 7 days (5 days riding) you will explore from the Mediterranean coast to the Sahara desert, from the dunes to the mountains. 


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Timeless adventure awaits on your motorbike tour Tunisia. For thousands of years, nomadic tribes could be found traversing the most remote corners of these lands. They formed huge caravans which moved trade goods of all sorts, carried by thousands of camels. This perilous journey would have taken them many months. Your motorcycle tour in Tunisia will follow nomad trails that used to require weeks to traverse. And yet you feel a certain kinship with these intrepid travelers. They with their camels, you with your steel horse, both heading fearlessly into these beautiful, untamed lands.

On your motorbike tour in Tunisia you’ll experience the best of Tunisian history and culture, thanks to our exclusive itinerary. With heritage reaching back for millennia, you will discover new wonders around every bend. Along with physical goods, trade caravans of yore also facilitated the movement of skills and traditions from otherwise isolated villages. This has resulted in a wonderfully eclectic mix of people, architecture, and customs with Arab, Berber, and Mediterranean influences. On our Tunisia motorcycle trips you will feel as though you’ve been transported back in time. We travel off the beaten track for authentic local experiences you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Situated on the north-central coast of Africa, Tunisia is a small country with a big personality. Your motorbike tour in Tunisia starts on Djerba, an official World Heritage Site, in the historical city of Houmt Souk. Surrounded by whitewashed buildings, you will wander vibrant markets filled with colorful fabrics, delectable pastries, and intoxicating spices. A short ferry ride to the mainland reveals entirely new landscapes for your motorcycle road trip in Tunisia. Here your ride takes you away from the coast, along rolling mountains and into the lunar landscapes of the Dahar Valley.


As your motorbike tour Tunisia draws you further west, your surroundings become more arid. Vegetation becomes sparse, and yet the scenery begins to feel oddly familiar. Suddenly you realize why: you’ve reached Tataouine, a desert outpost whose distinct features lent inspiration to the legendary Star Wars saga. As you continue on, these rocky landscapes give way to towering ochre sand dunes. You’re amazed at the tenacity of the nomads who crossed these dunes on foot, and thankful for the nimble motorcycle which carries you today. Travelers arriving on four hooves or two wheels are equally thankful for the respite offered by the oases hidden in these shifting sands. You will encounter fellow wanderers of all stripes in the shade of swaying date palms on your motorcycle tour in Tunisia.

Your Tunisia motorbike tour adventure continues north to Douz, known as the Gateway to the Sahara. Here the seemingly endless sands disappear into the eastern expanse of the Atlas Mountains. And just when you’re certain you’ve seen everything Tunisia has to offer, your journey turns east. Rugged rock outcroppings fade into green hills as you make your way back to the coast. This Tunisia motorcycle trip takes you on an unparalleled adventure through time and terrain, through history and culture.

Spring and autumn are the perfect seasons for a Tunisia motorbike tour, especially in the southern desert regions. It is recommended to avoid travel in July and August, when temperatures are typically sweltering day and night. Travel in the winter months can actually be quite pleasant, although temperatures can be very cold, especially at night. Many people are surprised by extreme temperature swings in the desert; dress in layers and be prepared for all kinds of weather.
A Tunisia motorcycle tour in April-June will include blue skies and pleasantly warm days. You will find apricot trees in bloom and poppies dotting the hillsides. This is a great time of year for exploring villages and archeological sites, where air conditioning is not typically found.

If your motorbike tour in Tunisia falls in October-December, you can expect clear skies and gentle breezes. Autumn harvest brings a flurry of activity to date plantations and olive groves along our travels. Historic sites tend to be less crowded as winter draws near, and evenings are pleasantly cool.

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