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When should one travel in Madagascar?

The climate in Madagascar is distinguished by two alternating seasons: a dry season from April to November and a wet season from December to Mars. The best season for a motorcycle trip in Madagascar is in spring and autumn, when the climate is less hot and the weather quite dry. Avoid travelling at all costs to Madagascar between December and March. At that time, most of the regions are affected by the rainy season and even cyclones. In the Southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed. During the austral winter, from June to August, it can be cold in the Highlands while from March to May and from September to November, the temperatures are more pleasant, neither too cold, nor too hot. The West coast is the sunniest part of Madagascar. In the South, the weather is hot throughout the year. The East coast gets more rain, with a winter monsoon in the months of July and August. It is however the best season to observe the whales at Saint Marie. Madagascar can be visited only during the dry season. During a motorcycle trip, you will ride on bush land trails that become impassable under the rain.  

Geography Madagascar

Situated to the south of the Equator, in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is the fifth largest island in the world. During a motorcycle trip in Madagascar, you will discover its highly diverse terrain. The Central Highlands, the true backbone of the country, represent more than three-fourths of the territory. Isalo National Park in the centre of the island is a must. There is a coastal strip on the East surrounded by lagoons and a plain in the West. The semi-arid South is divided between limestone plateaus and dry plains. The volcanic North has the highest peak of the country: Tsaratanana reaching an altitude of 2 876 m. The northwestern coast on the Mozambique canal is made up of a number of islands including the Nosy Be Island. With its diversity of terrains and climates, Madagascar has an extremely rich biodiversity with several endemic species of flora and fauna. The emblematic small primate lemurs, chameleons and tortoises and more than 200 endemic species of amphibians. A stunning landscape and natural beauty with all the coral reefs, the dream beaches, the baobab avenues, jungles and savannahs. Not to forget the cities of Diego-Suarez in the North, Tananarive in the centre and Port-Dauphin in the South.  

History and culture at Madagascar

The Malagasy people originate from a long period of ethnic mix and reflect the cultural richness of the country. They originally came from Indonesia around 2000 B.C. and from Eastern Africa. We can distinguish the Vazimbas, who live off the forest and the Vezos, near the coastal areas who live from fishing. The mix of these people led to the birth of 18 ethnic groups spread out over the island. Each of these has its own dialect and culture. During a motorcycle trip in Madagascar, you will get an opportunity of get to know this multicultural society. In the 16th century, the Portuguese discovered and became interested in the island. Madagascar was then occupied by several European countries; the Dutch in the late 16th century, then the English in the 17th and the French in 1885 who enforced a protectorate. Independent since 1960, Madagascar island is a country with history full of influences. With an economy mainly based on agriculture, the country tries to develop other sectors including tourism. The main exports are those of coffee, vanilla, prawns, sugarcane and cotton. Today, the Red Island continues to attract travellers looking for a change of scenery and adventure.
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