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Motorcycle tour Bhutan

Motorcycle tour Bhutan

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Discover our motorcycle tours in Bhutan

Choose a motorcycle tour of Bhutan! The Royal couple smiles at you upon your very arrival in Paro in the huge picture hung in the airport hall. Bhutan is also the country of joy, Dzongs, preserved traditions, sinuous roads, captivating valleys, and gorgeous Himalayan panoramas. This mysterious and genuine land preserves its culture as well as its environment. Undoubtedly, this magnificent and exclusive destination will charm you during your motorbike tour.

Bhutan, an unaffected country

On your motorbike, discover (or rediscover) Bhutan, from Punakha to Mongar, via Bumthang Valley or Thimphu, known for its colorful frontages. Various roads and panoramas will fascinate you on the road, like Mount Jomolhari at 7134 meters high (over 23,000 feet). Liberty and gratefulness will characterize your motorcycle tour in Bhutan, an authentic country on which the passing of time seems to have no impact.

Travelling differently: a motorbike tour in Bhutan

Our passionate guide escorts you all along your unforgettable motorcycle tour in Bhutan. Twelve days of total immersion are waiting for you, full of gorgeous valleys, blue pine forests, and mountain roads.
Select your departure date and ride your Royal Enfield to the 16th century’s Drametse Dzong; its architecture is truly remarkable.Then, experience the real and spiritual height at the top of the Thrumshingla summit or the Tiger’s Nest temple at 3120 meters (over 10,000 feet). Breathtaking sceneries are waiting for you!
Visiting Bhutan on your motorbike will enable you to comprehend the essence of its culture, preserved through centuries. Meet the residents and visit the Memorial Chorten or the Folk Museum. Those places will teach you the ancient traditions of the country.
Your motorbike tour in Bhutan isn’t only a trip. It’s a meeting of enthusiasts, a complete adventure based on humanity and generosity. Will you join us?
Is the rider in you asking for more? You can also travel through all of Asia! Discover our other motorcycle tours of Thailand, Indonesia or Laos.

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A long-distance adventurer and serial joker, he crossed the USA on a Harley before settling in Delhi to do what he does best - talk about motorcycle trips in Asia. His favourite tour destination? Mongolia, the land of blue skies, where he spent a season last year.

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All Motorcycle trips in Bhutan

€4,690/pilot – €3,490/pillion
Liam Travel designer Liam

The Dragon Kingdom

Motorcycle Ramble

“A majestic motorbike tour in the last Himalayan kingdom.”

Duration 12 days incl. 8 days' riding
Level Intermediate
Period March & April / October & November

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