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The land of smiles, the land of a million elephants - these are but a few of Lao’s many nicknames. Why so many names? Because of all the different ways to appreciate this country ! A wondrous land opens its treasures to us all along the Mekong. We’ve immersed ourselves in Lao’s culture, travelled its routes and rode the length of its lakes, meeting all along our way (including elephant rescuers!). With this motorcycle tour, we’ll take you in the footsteps of these constantly smiling people!


During this motorcycle tour in Laos you’ll witness the unique nature of this natural gem. Along the Mekong, life is organized around markets, Buddhist temples and craft sites such as basketry workshops. Any sign of the French protectorate which lasted for nearly 60 years has almost disappeared – despite the lingering smells of baguettes in Luang Prabang, much to the delight of hungry bikers!



Do you have what it takes to explore new lands on your bike? Embark on a motorcycle tour in Laos between November and March and rediscover yourself during a 12 day journey of exploration and adventure!

Guided by our tour leaders, you’ll experience our first cross-border trip! During this unique adventure, you’ll even sleep one night in an elephant sanctuary, so dear to the inhabitants of this land, discovering the daily life of many volunteers who save thousands of elephants  each year from the effects of deforestation. From the banks of the Mekong to the mountains of northern Laos, from lively Luang Prabang to villages on stilts, all your senses will be awoken by the discovery of this country.

This motorcycle trip will also be an opportunity to meet the Laotians, well-known for their cheerful nature, whether they are elephant vets or Buddhist monks! What is the source of their joyful loving of a peaceful life?

Perhaps you’ll discover the secret of this welcoming people’s smile… are you tempted?

If you want to continue discovering Asia off the beaten track then take a look at our other itineraries in Indonesia, Sri Lanka or Mongolia.

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A curious and versatile motorbike tour expert, he uses his vacations to head off north and south and explore roads he doesn't know yet - on a Royal Enfield, naturally! A video enthusiast, he always returns with souvenir footage that he'll readily share with you.

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All Motorcycle trips in Laos

3190€/pilot – 2940€/pillion
Francis Travel designer Francis

Beyond the Mekong

Adventure Tour

“From Thailand to Laos, discover in one journey the wonders of two unique lands.”

Duration 12 days incl. 10 days' riding
Level Demanding
Period November to March

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