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Motorcycle tour India  Southern India

Motorcycle tour India
Southern India

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A balmy, tropical piece of India

On your motorbike, travel to South India and discover a rich and luxuriant region and discover the essence of a more idyllic India. Kerala, an exporter of spices since 3000 BCE, will captivate you with its shiny and relaxing atmosphere, its authentic beaches and stunning tea plantations. Soon, you’ll also be face to face with the mountains and experience the wildlife, both typical of the region. Your trip will range from the Occidental Ghats to the surrounding Tamil Nadu. Here, you’ll feel like you’re in a different India: one of multicolored Tamoul temples, Pondicherry, and a Royal Enfield factory. Don’t wait any longer to schedule your motorcycle tour in South India!

South India: the hidden wonders

You fell in love with traveling? Then, South India is the ideal place to satisfy your passion! What a wonderful country… From Goa to Lakkavalli, a supernatural succession of panoramas goes with your trip: jungles, wild and preserved beaches, nature reserves, and rice fields… You’ll be amazed by the Kodachadri peak (at 1300 meters or 4260 feet) or the Hampi archaeological site. Hampi is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. South India riches are within easy reach! Get on your Royal Enfield and join us.

Travelling differently: a motorcycle tour in South India

As an experienced rider keen on big spaces, would you like to get off the beaten track by discovering new horizons? Let’s choose one of our motorbike tours in South India! 8 to 13 days of unusual excursions are waiting for you. Make your dream come true and stride along the region with our guides, from the forgotten temples road to the spice route.
So many roads are waiting for you, from the Badami’s rupestrian temples to Kochi: country roads, curvy roads, or even roads following the sea. What a variety! Your stay also guarantees discovering the authentic culture of South India: tasty food, Kathakali shows (typical dancing plays)… All your senses will be stimulated! And to end your trip, why not to visit Guruvayoor, the spiritual Hindu city?
As you discover this amazing and disoriented region, new intense feelings will progressively grow. Be careful; this trip could change your natural state… for the better!
To all passionate adventurers: look out for our motorbike tours in Himalaya, Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh!

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The opinion of Matthew
Vintage Rider

«Very professionally run with experienced guides who, through their local knowledge, can get you to out of the way places the average traveller would not have access to.»

All Motorcycle trips in Southern India

2690€/pilot – 2440€/pillion
Josh Travel designer Josh

The Spices Route

Motorcycle Ramble

“An idyllic Indian motorcycle journey, brimming with flavours.”

Duration 12 days incl. 10 days' riding
Level Intermediate
Period November to February
2150€/pilot – 1850€/pillion
Sophie Travel designer Sophie

Goa, Jungle & Antique Wonders

Motorcycle Ramble

“A motorcycle adventure to discover Goa's coastline and Karnataka's wonders.”

Duration 10 days incl. 8 days of riding
Level Intermediate
Period November to February
2890€/pilot – 2290€/pillion
Francis Travel designer Francis

The Big Crossing

Motorcycle Ramble

“From Kerala to Tamil Nadu, a comprehensive journey through an exotic region.”

Duration 13 days incl. 9 days' riding
Level Intermediate
Period January to March
2530€/pilot – 2030€/pillion
Alex Travel designer Alex

Goa Rider Mania Tour

Adventure Tour

“An exclusive motorcycle adventure to discover Karnataka's wonders.”

Duration 11 days incl. 9 days' riding
Level Intermediate
Period November

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