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Discover our motorcycle tours in Africa

Are you dreaming of getting away for an adventure? We suggest guided motorcycle tours in Africa! You can explore several countries in this immense continent on a Royal Enfield. This classic motorcycle is the best way to discover South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Swaziland, Lesotho or Rwanda. Furthermore, a motorcycle tour in South Africa lets you escape the traditional tourist tracks. Thanks to our tours, you’ll take shortcuts on superb tracks far away from the usual tourist trails. With our well-planned routes and a team that will take care of you every step of the way, you’ll set off on a top-quality motorcycle road trip in Africa.

Regarding your motorcycle tour in South Africa, your safety is our priority. We take care of renting you a motorcycle in Africa. The motorcycle of choice gives riders the chance to enjoy the pleasure of ‘old-fashioned’ riding and turns heads with its neo retro look. An English-speaking tour leader and specialist Royal Enfield mechanic will take you on secret tracks in different African countries. They know the routes and the rules of the roads. On one hand, a support vehicle will be close behind carrying luggage. On the other hand, it also carries spare parts in case of any mechanical problems. On a motorcycle tour organised by enthusiasts, you’ll see a different side to Africa and go where no one else goes. As for our motorcycle tour experts, they’re always on hand to answer all your questions.

When do you want to set off for your motorcycle tour in Africa?

Weather and climate are important factors to consider when planning the best time to visit Africa, depending on the country you want to visit. The best season for a motorcycle tour differs from South Africa to Morocco or Rwanda. If you want to travel in Africa by motorcycle, you should go during the dry season. The southern summer, from October to March, is the best time to head to South Africa for a motorcycle adventure. As regards the climate, it is dry with very pleasant temperatures. If you want to take a motorcycle tour in Morocco, spring and autumn are ideal. The dry season in Rwanda is from June to September. As for a motorcycle trip to Africa, around Swaziland and Lesotho, we recommend setting off in September or October. All in all, with the continent’s diverse geography and climate, you can set off on a motorcycle road trip in Africa at any time of the year.

A team of enthusiasts

From Paris, Chiang Mai, Delhi, Ubud, Ulaanbaatar, Colombo, Kathmandu, Arequipa and Cape Town, our teams and our tour leaders are on hand from the four corners of the earth to help you with your tour. What’s more, in the United Kingdom, we take part in a wealth of motorcycle events, festivals, fairs or simple meetups. So, come and see us to chat about your plans for touring with a motorbike Africa.

Adventure Tours, Motorcycle Rambles and Luxury Tours

As for your motorcycle tour in Africa, there are different types of tours depending on your preferences and your motorcycle experience. What do you fancy? A motorcycle adventure in South Africa or a Motorcycle Ramble in Morocco? Our motorcycle tours in Africa are for experienced bikers with a motorcycle licence and a good deal of motivation. Some of our more chilled routes, called Luxury Tours, offer more time exploring local culture and with superior hotel accommodation. What’s more, these motorcycle tours in Africa are perfect for partners. No matter which African country you visit, all of our motorcycle tours are a mix of exploring, meeting locals and cultural excursions.

Group motorcycle tours in South Africa

We offer many motorcycle tours in South Africa, mainly between September and March. In a small group with a shared passion, you’ll set off for unforgettable experiences. When you opt for a group tour with Vintage Rides, the tour price is lower than if you go it alone. In line with our pricing policy, if a solo traveller joins a group, s/he will share a room with another traveller of the same sex unless s/he prefers to pay a supplement for a single room. How would you fancy visiting the beautiful city of Cape Town? Or would you prefer spending a few days on safari in Kruger National Park or visiting Victoria Falls? If you opt to stay for some extra days after in Africa by motorcycle, we can arrange different excursions for you. What’s more, if you want to form your own group, you can hit the African roads whenever you want.

Rwanda: the pearl of east Africa

Nestled in the heart of the Great Lakes region, Rwanda is nicknamed the “land of a thousand hills”. It’s a little-known destination, yet ideal for discovering part of Africa by motorcycle. Afraid of suffering from dreaded jet lag? Fear not, there is hardly any time difference if you’re travelling from Europe. So you can make the most of your holiday from the moment you land. What’s more, it’s a great destination if you want to get away from the European winter and enjoy milder temperatures. With lush mountains, safaris and lakes as far as the eye can see, this country offers incredible vistas. You can switch between the modernity of the capital and authentic rural landscapes. Rwanda is also one of the only countries in Africa where you can spot mountain gorillas. What is stopping you from visiting the land of a thousand hills?

Morocco: a complete change of scenery in less than 3 hours

Do you dream of travelling in Africa by motorcycle but it seems too far away? Morocco, a Maghribi country, is just a few hours away from the UK. It’s also the only African country with access to both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It boasts a wide range of breathtaking landscapes thanks to its privileged location. From lush plains to the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, not to mention the arid Sahara, Morocco delights all adventurers who visit. A blend of modern and traditional, you’ll discover that this country is a real cradle of culture. What’s more, you’ll enjoy a motorcycle tour in a stunning setting and experience the unforgettable warmth of the locals.


But all things considered, maybe you’d prefer to think about a motorcycle tour in Asia, explore a motorcycle tour in Europe or discover a motorcycle tour in South America? Feel free to share your wildest ideas with us!

South Africa

South Africa offers a variety of incredible landscapes: ride through national parks, visit cultural places charged with history, and relax on idyllic beaches.
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