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Do you think getting away for an adventure close to home is even possible? It is with a motorcycle tour in Europe! Set off to explore around fifty countries on a Royal Enfield. This classic motorcycle makes exploring the continent a breeze. From Greece to Sweden, passing through Croatia, you’re sure to experience a change of scenery. Our routes take riders to unmissable places off the beaten path. Our team guarantees well-organised, high-quality motorcycle road trips in Europe. And as for the motorcycle, don’t worry! We’ve got it covered! From hire to unexpected mechanical mishaps on the road, Vintage Rides will take care of everything. An expert Royal Enfield mechanic and an English-speaking tour leader will accompany you on your motorcycle holiday in Europe. As well as ensuring your safety, they will be on hand to give you tips and their unique view on the destinations. You can therefore relish in a classic riding experience on a neo-retro motorcycle with complete peace of mind.

Our team of passionate bikers has chosen the best routes for you to explore Europe from another angle. You’ll visit places where no one else goes and enjoy unforgettable experiences.


Royal Enfield is very much part of Vintage Rides’s DNA. It was on a Bullet 500 that our founder, Alexandre Zurcher, crossed India. After completing this astounding mechanical feat and personal quest, he decided to share his ambitions with other passionate bikers. Royal Enfields aren’t just super cool, they’re also perfect for a motorcycle adventure. Thanks to their size, they go at an ideal speed and can reach the most remote of places. With the power to turn heads, the Royal Enfield is an icebreaker, making it easier to spark up conversation with locals. We really didn’t have to think twice about choosing our favourite bikes for our motorcycle trips in Europe. These classic motorcycles have already accompanied thousands of riders on their travels across the world, so now it’s time for us to get them out on European soil.


The European continent is lucky to have a mild climate with four well-defined seasons. To make the most of pleasant temperatures, we recommend organizing your motorcycle tour in Europe between May and September. However, expect cooler temperatures the further north you head. Summer is therefore the best season to visit many European countries without it being too cold. In addition to its varied landscapes, the Old Continent gives you the chance to experience different types of climate too. In fact, you can enjoy an oceanic climate along the western coasts, a continental climate inland, a mild Mediterranean climate in the south, and even an Arctic climate in the far north. The numerous mountain chains, such as the Alps or the Ural mountains, offer an alpine climate, which is cooler than on the coast in the summer.


Given its history and location, Europe is the cradle of several cultures. In fact, there’s a stark contrast between landscapes but also between locals in the north, south, east and west. This diversity will make your motorcycle tour in Europe unique and you’re bound to find joy in the heart of one of the many countries on this continent. The mountainous areas in this part of the world are thrilling for seasoned bikers on the quest for adventure and adrenaline or those who enjoy a leisurely ride. With the Mediterranean made up of the Italian and Balkan peninsulas, Eastern European countries, including Bulgaria and Hungary or even Scandinavia with Norway and Finland, there’s something for every biker.


Our motorcycle tours have always been for small groups with a maximum of 10 people. These reduced numbers mean that you are more likely to forge friendships with the other riders in your group and take full advantage of the routes you choose. Riding in a small group also stops you from feeling as if you are part of the herd and increases your chances of meeting locals en route. During a motorcycle tour in Europe, there are plenty of options available to you. You can join a group of like-minded strangers who share the same passion for riding as you. Or you can also opt to create your own group and set off to explore European lands with your nearest and dearest. You can go it solo or ride with a pillion. Anything is possible! We recommend touring between May and September but you can also suggest your own dates. Our team is on hand and promises to tailor your tour to your needs and ensure that your motorcycle road trip in Europe is unforgettable.


Many people are not able to take long holidays, so prefer to hope across the Channel to France for a change of scenery. We therefore recommend exploring this beautiful country on its hidden tracks and trails. By choosing to take a motorcycle tour in France, you’ll discover many of its unsung regions. It may not be on the other side of the world, but you’ll experience a variety of landscapes and locals with different characters. From the most remote regions to famous forests, you won’t have time to get bored! A trip to France wouldn’t be complete without culture and fine food and wine. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to sample local fare and you’ll feel like you’re a million miles away from home. Choosing a motorcycle road trip in France is the ultimate getaway on your doorstep.

If you’d prefer a more dramatic change of scenery, please check out our motorcycle tours in Asia, our motorcycle tours in Africa or even our motorcycle tours in South America.


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