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Unique landscapes, unspoilt farmlands, legendary roads... Discover our motorcycle tours in Bhutan and Nepal

On the borders of the Himalayas, Nepal and Bhutan are two beautiful yet little-known countries. Vintage Rides, a motorcycle tour agency specialised in adventures off the beaten track, offers you road trips in these two fascinating destinations. At the heart of the small villages and on majestic roads, come and experience the highest peaks in the world. Discover our Nepal motorcycle tours and motorcycle tour in Bhutan. Set off in search of wisdom and embark on a unique experience. Hop on a Royal Enfield and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Motorcycle tour in Nepal: Legendary expeditions

Mostly Hindu, Nepal attracts more and more tourists. With a subtle blend of gentleness and a frantic pace, it is very difficult to not appreciate the charm of this exotic land. Thanks to its picture-perfect roads, a unique culture, lush landscapes and ancient temples, you’ll be transported into a colourful atmosphere from the first few miles. So, hop on a Royal Enfield and let us guide you on one of our motorcycle tours in Nepal, designed for adventurers on the quest for thrills.

Motorcycle tour in Bhutan: Discover the world’s unique Buddhist kingdom

The land of Thunder Dragon, happiness and well-preserved traditions, Bhutan is a mysterious country. It’s an exclusive destination that is a perfect fit with Vintage Rides’ ethos. Raw, wild and authentic, Bhutan has plenty more in store to surprise you. Hop on a Royal Enfield and ride along traditional roads on our motorcycle tour Bhutan. Awe-inspiring landscapes and stunning panoramas galore, share this wonderful adventure with Vintage Rides on a tour that combines the feeling of freedom with lasting memories. Adrenaline and thrills guaranteed!

Which tour should you choose? Here’s some advice from Vintage Rides

Do you like the sound of these destinations and don’t know which to choose? Vintage Rides has some valuable tips to help you pick.

  • A country that was long closed to visitors, Bhutan has kept ancient traditions alive that will lead you on a timeless adventure. Although Nepal welcomes many tourists, it remains true to its authenticity. As you will have noticed, these countries are unique because their cultures are untouched.
  • Bhutan is a favourite for riders who prefer tarmacked roads, while Nepal offers more off-road tracks that really delight thrill-seeking adventurers looking to push their limits.
  • In Nepal, Vintage Rides offers many intense tours, perfect for more seasoned bikers. However, the agency also offers a “Motorcycle Ramble” on Nepalese soil, which are suitable for most bikers. The road trip offered in Bhutan is also a “Motorcycle Ramble”.

Now that you know more about our motorcycle tour Bhutan and our Nepal motorcycle tours, you want to discover more destinations around the globe? The adventure continues with our India motorcycle tours or our Thailand motorcycle tours.

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