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A motorcycle tour in Laos and Thailand: experience unforgettable adventures

Vintage Rides takes you on Laotian and Thai roads on a journey into the heart of Buddhist traditions and ancient culture. Right in the heart of Asia, these two destinations will give you the chance to experience an out-of-the-ordinary adventure. With a trusty Royal Enfield, set off to discover these two countries that are as unique as they are diverse. Passionate about creating classic motorcycle tours, Alex, Johann, Manon and François came up with a series of tours designed to show you Thailand and Laos at their most authentic. Embark on an adventure in search of connecting with welcoming locals and learn more about elephant conservation with our North Thailand motorcycle tours and our Laos motorcycle tour. Like the sound of idyllic beaches? Then, one of our motorcycle tours in southern Thailand would be perfect for you.

Motorcycle tour in Thailand: Is it a dream or reality?

A favourite destination for many tourists every year, Thailand is a country full of attractions and interesting things to do. While its thousand-year-old culture, famous cuisine and pristine beaches are a good taster, its diverse landscapes, unspoilt nature and beautiful roads captivate everyone who takes a road trip there. That’s why a Thailand motorcycle tour in Thailand is the perfect way to explore the multiple sides of this country without giving up any freedom. Set off on a Royal Enfield and discover its stunning landscapes with Vintage Rides.

Motorcycle tour in Laos: An underestimated, yet surprising country

Less popular than Thailand, Laos is a country that is really worth visiting. This ancient French colony remains untouched, so a trip to Laos is a unique way to discover a well-preserved culture. With its fair share of unique landscapes, Laos will appeal to riders who are looking for something out of the ordinary. Experience an adventure on a Royal Enfield with our motorcycle tour in Laos.

Which tour should you choose? Tips from Vintage Rides

Despite the similarities, the destinations offered here do have several differences that you should bear in mind before deciding which one to pick.

Thailand is richer, more modern and developed and serves as a remarkable introduction to Asia. Our tours offer a wide variety in terms of landscapes and adventures. Choose one of our “Motorcycle Rambles” if you want a trip that’s more centred on connecting with locals. If you’re a little more daring, you’d be better off one of our “Adventure Tours”, which are more intense. And lastly, if you’re finding it hard to choose between the two countries, our motorcycle tour in Laos is perfect, because it actually starts and ends in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand!

Do you fancy travelling as a couple? Pillions are welcome on both motorcycle tours in Thailand and Laos. Also, if you want to continue discovering Asia off the beaten track then take a look at our other motorcycle tours Ladakh and our motorcycle tours North India.

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A long-distance adventurer and serial joker, he crossed the USA on a Harley before settling in Delhi to do what he does best - talk about motorcycle trips in Asia. His favourite tour destination? Mongolia, the land of blue skies, where he spent a season last year.

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Since 2006, Vintage Rides has been the specialist for character-packed motorcycle tours. We design offbeat itineraries to give you an unforgettable motorbiking experience.

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