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Adventure Tour : Argentina

Argentina & Chile: From Salta to Atacama


Simon, travel designer

Simon has been living in Argentina for almost 10 years. With experience of the region, a passion for riding and a deep knowledge of mechanics, he’s perfect for this adventure.

4 990  / pilot
3 670  / pillion
1 departures
Adventure Tour
Period Mid-February
to mid-May
and mid-August
to mid-December
Duration 14 days incl
11 riding days
Available Extensions
Level Demanding
Guide A motorcycle guide
Accommodation Standard/confort
Prix 4 990 € / pilote
3 490 € / passager
Adventure Tour
Period Mid-February
to mid-May
and mid-August
to mid-December
Duration 14 days incl
11 riding days
Available Extensions
Level Demanding
A motorcycle guide
Accommodation Standard/confort
From 4 990 € / pilote
3 490 € / passager
Come and discover the legendary Route 40 on the saddle of a Royal Enfield. Experience the thrill of this route that runs alongside the Andes mountain range and connects the north and south of the country through a mix of roads and trails. Explore the diverse and spectacular landscapes of the high Andean plateau, dotted with volcanoes and canyons, and home to lush oases like the famous vineyards of Cafayate. Discover the Valley of the Moon, the highest drivable pass in the Americas - Abra del Acay, the quebradas, and the mountain of 14 colors. We will also take an excursion to Chile to explore the famous Atacama Desert, considered the driest desert in the world. It features lunar landscapes, active volcanoes, colorful lagoons, and fascinating archaeological sites.

13 days - 1 500 miles

J1 / Salta

Salta is located in a fertile valley at the foot of the eastern Andes and is the second largest city in north Argentina. Nicknamed “Salta la Linda” (Beautiful Salta), this Argentine city boasts the best preserved colonial architecture. The Cabildo (currently a history museum) and cathedral are two remarkable examples of such, and San Francisco church is famous for its façade and red walls. Overnight stay at a hotel.

J2 / Salta - Iruya - 180 miles

Our first day with the bikes! We leave Salta and head onto the fantastic windy Route 9 heading north. Then we enter Quebrada de Humahuaca, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed mountain range that displays a spectrum of colours in waves of ochre and yellow and even purple, green and red. We then take a 30-mile track along the condor pass at 4,000 m altitude and arrive in Iruya, a remote village nestled at 2,780 m altitude and surrounded by cliffs.

J3 / Iruya - Cusi Cusi - 146 miles

If you get up at dawn, you may be lucky to spot condors rising from their nests and taking flight into the canyon. We head towards the Bolivian border to Cusi Cusi, located at 3,800 m altitude and the home of Moon Valley, a natural park with a spectacular lunar landscape ideal for hiking and exploring. We spend the night in a remote village hidden away from the world.

J4 / Cusi Cusi- Susques - 194 miles

We leave Cusi Cusi and head onto Route 40 ensuring several miles of excellent riding and then Route 9 takes us to our lunchtime destination: Abra Pampa. We spend the night in Humahuaca, a small charming city with cobbled streets and colonial houses located in the Quebrada de Humahuaca valley.

J5 / Susques - San Pedro de Atacama - 162 miles

We leave Susques and cross the Chilean border! We pass through the Los Flamencos National Reserve, which is dotted with lagoons and salt flats. It is home to many rare and vulnerable species such as flamingos and vicuñas. We arrive in San Pedro de Atacama in the evening.

J6 / San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama is a village in the middle of the desert where everything is concentrated, so we will stay there for 3 nights. Today we are traveling through the Valley of the Moon, 15 kilometers of track on another planet in the middle of salt mountains! On the way to Rio Grande for lunch, the great desert canyons open up to us and their small winding roads are ideal for our motorcycles. At the end of the day, the sunset over the desert from the heights of the “Piedra del Coyote” is a unique moment…

J7 / San Pedro de Atacama

We departed early this morning... Started tackling the trail at 7 a.m... By the light of the Himalayan headlamp and the rising sun... An awe-inspiring 2-hour ride between the volcanoes, reaching an altitude of over 4250 meters in the cold. At the end of the trail, a field of boiling geysers! These 80 geysers at the base of the Tatio volcano make up 8% of all geysers in the world... The third largest geyser field on Earth. It's a completely improbable place that we discovered at dawn, as it's the best time to appreciate the fumaroles. On our way back, we will get lost on a small trail along the Bolivian border before descending back to the Atacama Desert.

J8 / San Pedro - San Antonio de Los Cobres

The return to Argentina takes a different path, sometimes on the track, sometimes on the road. We reach the small mining town of San Antonio de los Cobres perched at an altitude of 3700 meters. ** Change of itinerary possible depending on the opening/closing of borders.

J9 / San Antonio De Los Cobres - Cachi

Today we continue on the legendary Route 40 and reach the highest point of our tour by arriving at the "Abra del Acay" pass, which is 4,850 meters above sea level! The highest drivable national road pass in the American continent! From up there, the 360º view allows us to admire the Cordillera for over 200km around! Then we embark on a dizzying descent of over 100km in an incredible setting! The Andes are truly magical! We arrive at the beautiful small village of Cachi in the late afternoon.

J10 / Journée de pause à Cachi

Spend the day exploring the charming Andean town Cachi perched at 2,500 m altitude and overlooking the Calchaquí Valley. With cobbled streets and colonial architecture, you’ll no doubt love this picturesque town. History buffs mustn’t miss the Pío Pablo Díaz Archaeological Museum with exhibits from Pre-Inca, Inca and Spanish eras. There are also many local vineyards worth visiting. Those who prefer to rest can stroll to Plaza 9 de Julio, sit in the shade and watch time stand still.

J11 / Cachi - Cafayate - 125 miles

Starting from Cachi, we take Route 40 that runs along the 64-hectare "Parque Nacional de los Cardones," named after the "cardón," a cactus species that is a symbol of the Calchaquie region. We take a small 20km track to the hidden Brealito Lagoon located at an altitude of 2,700 meters. We join the "Ruta 40" and the Calchaquie river until the "Quebrada de las Flechas," a gem of the Northwest, a lunar landscape of rock formations sculpted by earthquakes, erosion, and time. These arrow-shaped rocks pointing towards the sky lead to an exceptional track, a real treat for us and our motorcycles! Finally, we arrive in Cafayate, surrounded by vineyards, an essential stop on the Northern Argentina wine route. This charming village houses many wineries, artists, and artisans.

J12 / Cafayate - Salta - 122 miles

On the last day of our motorcycle trip, we continue on our way to Cafayate and pass through the Quebrada de Las Conchas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where we travel about a hundred kilometers through an immense canyon formed by oceans millions of years ago! You will discover impressive colors and rock formations, from ochre to golden hues, to green, red, and yellow! We arrive in Salta and spend the night at the hotel.

J13 / Aéroport de Salta

Depending on your flight schedule, you may be able to spend a few hours in Salta. You’re transferred to the international airport. End of our services.

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Our extensions available

voyage moto argentine
Extension: Extra night in Salta

Book an extra night in Salta before or after your motorcycle road trip, in the hotel where the itinerary starts. Includes: one night with breakfast.

Extension: Discovering Iguazu Falls

A 4-day extension to the famous Iguazu Falls, Argentinian and Brazilian side. The Argentinian Park allows you to approach the falls as closely as possible, thanks to its circuits and footbridges laid out in the middle of the tropical forest. Wilder and less developed, the Brazilian waterfalls are also denser and more wooded than their Argentinian neighbors, promising a real immersion in the local fauna and flora.

Extension : Discovering Buenos Aires, an intoxicating metropolis

Come and spend 4 days in Buenos Aires, to visit the popular and very colorful district in the south of the city; the San Telmo district, between the old buildings and other casas and the North of the city with a bike ride. End this stay with a visit to a gaucho estancia, the Argentinian cowboys, so characteristic of the country.

Extension : El Calafate and the Perito Moreno Glacier

Direction Patagonia and the city of El Calafate, a real gateway to the exploration of glaciers within the Los Glaciares National Park. You will have the opportunity to admire the famous Perito Moreno which constantly evolves on the lake and to take advantage of boat cruises to get as close as possible to these walls of ice.

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