Vintage Rides → A closer look at our Explorer package

A closer look at our Explorer package

We cooked up a brand new concept for you some time ago now: the Explorer package. A self-guided yet sociable adventure, where you can expect the unexpected and feel that rush of freedom. A motorcycle tour that promises some great moments with your group and returning with plenty of stories to tell. But what exactly is this new package that is spicing up our European destinations?
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A closer look at our Explorer package
There’s so much to discover about our new Explorer package available on Sardinia. “Is it a guided tour?”, “Is accommodation included?”, “Do I have to ride my own bike?”, we hear you ask. And they’re all valid questions. In today’s post, we’ll explain everything about our new motorcycle tour concept.


An efficient, versatile motorcycle that’s easy to tame! Its 21-inch wheels make it perfect for getting to grips with off-roading. You’ll appreciate the smoothness of its engine and how discretely it vibrates, no matter the speed. Thanks to its low centre of gravity, riders quickly grasp handling the Himalayan and adopt a natural riding position, whether seated or standing. Its comfortable saddle and supple suspension make long riding days a pleasure. It really is the best motorcycle for riders who want to experience simplicity and adventure without having to scrimp on comfort.

GPS tracks

The night before your adventure kicks off, we’ll send you our GPS routes so you can access them via your navigation system. We’ll also attach a mount to your Royal Enfield Himalayan handlebars, so you can fix your smartphone and access your GPS. But rest assured, your expedition leader will explain everything! Plus, you’ll have daily briefings to go over the day’s route.


An expedition leader will help you every riding day and will be on hand if need be. He’ll travel closely behind the group in a pick-up truck. For your added comfort, he will also transport your luggage, a replacement motorcycle, tools and equipment in a support vehicle to ensure the tour runs smoothly.


The route has several daily meeting points. They’re the perfect chance to take stock of where you are exactly or meet the rest of the riders and exchange views. You can also ask your expedition leader for invaluable tips or repair your bike if necessary.


If the sun is at its peak and tummies are rumbling, it’s usually a sign that it’s time to stop for lunch! You’ll have no trouble choosing where to eat from our road book full of recommendations. Wherever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. After all, food is one of the best reasons to travel to Sardinia.


You won’t need to worry about where you’ll be sleeping each night, as all your rooms are pre-booked. Whether staying at guesthouses or homely hotels, you’ll arrive after riding all day and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.
As you’ve read in this post, the explorer package is all about freedom without the worries associated with solo travelling. At Vintage Rides, adventure is more than a pleasure; it’s a way of life. This new package is in keeping with our vision: the best way to set off on an adventure is on a motorcycle. If you have a thirst for the unknown and are ready to embark on an amazing experience, you’d love exploring this route at your own pace. And if you have any more questions, feel free to contact us !
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A closer look at our Explorer package
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