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great fun, thanks
great fun, thanks
Baz our translator was excellent a…
Baz our translator was excellent a true professional Can’t say enough about how wonderful he was
I am very satisfied with the…
I am very satisfied with the trip. The culture, the ride, the food, Vintage ride personel, just everything!
great fun, thanks
great fun, thanks
Baz our translator was excellent a…
Baz our translator was excellent a true professional Can’t say enough about how wonderful he was
I am very satisfied with the…
I am very satisfied with the trip. The culture, the ride, the food, Vintage ride personel, just everything!


A Brief History

Once upon a time in India… When he first arrived in New Delhi at just 19 years old to study at Nehru University, Alexandre Zurcher had no way of predicting the boundless adventures which awaited him. Wanting to make the most of his time in this vibrant country, he learned how to ride a motorcycle and discovered an entirely new universe opened up before him. For Alex there was no better choice for this motorcycle tour than the iconic Indian mount, Royal Enfield. This experience was a revelation! Motorbike tours are synonymous with escape, discovery, and freedom, affording riders the ability to go anywhere and blend seamlessly into the local population. This vision of travel has been in our DNA since Vintage Rides was established in 2006: Motorcycle adventures with character, providing a unique vantage point from which to experience the world around you.

When we first began, our pioneering motorbike tour agency specialized exclusively in India with a focus on Adventure Tours in the Himalayas. We wanted to make sure we were offering experiences that weren’t available elsewhere, including the opportunity to summit the highest road in the world at 5,600 meters. It was – and still is – an unbelievable accomplishment, one that few riders will ever have the opportunity to experience. The feedback was outstanding and demand for our tours exploded, leading to the creation of our first office in New Delhi. As more and more riders returned looking for new and exhilarating experiences, we expanded to offering motorbike tours in Rajasthan and southern India. As we continued to grow, we crafted unique travel opportunities across Mongolia, then Sri Lanka… Twenty-one countries later, Vintage Rides has a new headquarters in Lyon, France and guides more than 1,200 riders per year on adventures spanning four continents.

 “I am truly grateful for how far we have come! I am so grateful to our team and the entire community of Vintage Riders who have taken motorbike tours with us since the beginning of this incredible adventure.” Alex


A unique way to travel

Vintage Rides is a motorbike touring agency with a talented and passionate crew that bring unparalleled travel expertise to your holiday. Since 2006, we have been creating an incredible range of adventures all around the world aboard Royal Enfield motorcycles. Since Day One, our mission has been to create off-the-beaten-track itineraries which allow you to become fully immersed in the beauty of the countries visited and engage with the local population. Each and every one of our motorbike tours must adhere to our standards by providing riders with the opportunity for genuine camaraderie, authentic experiences and personal growth.

Our Motobike Tours Values

  • Camaraderie 

Motorbike tours have a unique ability to amplify the impact of new experiences in culture, nature and travel; when an adventure is shared, it becomes exponentially more meaningful. You will find yourself creating amazing memories with many wonderful people in the communities that dot our path. There is also an undeniable bond forged between those within your group: your guides, mechanics, drivers and traveling companions. Whether you want to embark on a motorbike tour on your own, with a partner, or with a group of friends, our guaranteed departures ensure that you will never ride alone. We also keep our tour groups small, meaning you will be treated to quiet moments with fellow enthusiasts that will take your breath away.

  • Challenge

One of our goals as a motorbike tour operator is to facilitate experiences that are much more than just a vacation. We want to awaken your inner adventurer, guide you through conquering some of the most remote tracks in the world aboard beautiful motorcycles with classic character. Our custom motorbike tours are crafted by expert local guides, with incredible itineraries that are guaranteed to take you far from the typical tourist route. Choosing the roads less travelled for your adventure motorbike tour sometimes means confronting adversity and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, but it also means teamwork, encouragement and support. There are few feelings in life quite as sweet as facing challenges head-on and emerging victorious!

  • Authenticity

Adventure according to Vintage Rides is a state of mind. By choosing our motorbike touring agency, understand that you will not be riding huge distances of characterless asphalt, simply to connect Point A to Point B. It is our belief that the most important thing is the journey traveled. The days in the saddle, the thrill of riding in unique settings, experiencing everything from bustling “can’t miss” destinations and confidential local gems; these are the encounters that will reveal the authentic heart and soul of any country.


Our motorbike touring team is here for you

Vintage Rides has built an unbeatable team, in France and around the world.

  • At our headquarters in Lyon, France, you will find our expert travel advisors and our destination coordinators, always at your service before, during and after your motorbike tour. You can meet them in person at our motorcycle events across France during festivals, shows and warm-ups.
  • In the field, our guides, mechanics, drivers and partners welcome you throughout the year to ensure that your motorbike tour experience is as successful as possible. They accompany you to the most beautiful places in the world, and share with you their immense local knowledge and their passion for adventure.

Traveling with Vintage Rides is a decision to embrace adventure. To embark on an amazing motorbike tour to the ends of the earth. Vintage Rides is a French agency regulated by the French Tourism Code, proudly affording our clients solid financial and insurance guarantees.

Our motorbike tours: An experience to share

The desire to explore beyond borders is a passion that we want to share with riders around the world, and this passion is one that we have long shared with Royal Enfield. Thanks to being named the Official Travel Partner of Royal Enfield, we have been able to work together to fulfill our shared desire to provide you with unforgettable motorbike tour experiences.

  • Motorcycle Adventure Tours

Vintage Rides traces its motorbike touring roots all the way to the Himalayas, with a legendary route called The Trans-Himalayan. The popularity of our motorcycle Adventure Tours has pushed us beyond Indian borders to include incredible trips on a Royal Enfield all around the world, ranging from Nepal to Mongolia, Argentina and even Tanzania. Our Adventure Tours are mostly off-road routes, so get ready for great days of spectacular dirt riding.

  • Motorcycle Ramble Tours

These are our best selling motorbike tours! These routes are designed to be accessible to riders with intermediate skill levels, meaning these itineraries are perfect for passengers. Our Motorcycle Ramble tours combine the pleasure of riding a motorcycle off the beaten path with enough time off the bike to immerse yourself in the cultural life of a country. It truly is the best of both worlds.

  • Luxury Tours 

Our Luxury Tour itineraries offer comfortable getaways designed to be enjoyed as a couple, with friends or in a small group. On this range of motorbike tours the emphasis is on shorter motorcycle riding days with charming accommodation, perfect for recharging your batteries after a day on the road. Our Luxury Tours are accessible to anyone who is looking to experience beauty, comfort and relaxation on a wonderfully unique motorcycle holiday.

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Since 2006, Vintage Rides has been the specialist for character-packed motorcycle tours. We design offbeat itineraries to give you an unforgettable motorbiking experience.

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