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Motorcycle tour India  Rajasthan

Motorcycle tour India

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Discover our Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan

First trip in India, first love affair: Rajasthan welcomes you with colored turbans, legendary mustaches, and the mischievous looks of the locals. The King’s land can be as green as it can be arid and yet it still shines, thanks to the prosperous period of sovereigns in their forts, palaces, and refined havelis. Experience a motorcycle tour in Rajasthan and immerse yourself into this enthralling and animated region. Your Royal Enfield motorbike tour will be full of surprises. Is this real or fantasy? You won’t know for sure.

Rajasthan, the Land of Kings

Get humble before this picturesque region, those deserted landscapes and former cities, full of history. So many marvels are waiting for you: the Aravellis mounts, the Shekhawati region (famous for its havelis), and even Jaipur (the capital)! Soak up Rajasthan’s atmosphere and discover with other enthusiast riders a new definition of a trip.

Travelling differently: a motorcycle tour in Rajasthan

As a motorbike and exotic travel fan, do you want to set off on an adventure on the mythical Royal Enfield? Choose one of our 5 motorbike tours in Rajasthan! We’ve created specific tailor-made itineraries from 7 to 16 days: your immersion is guaranteed! Depending on your programme, you’ll visit the Taj Mahal, Udaipur (the Venice of the East), or even Jaisalmer, the Desert City. The region is also composed of numerous places steeped in history: the Bikaner Fortress, the Ramathra Fort…
During your trip, you’ll enjoy an exceptional night in the Thar Desert dunes before joining Jodhpur, the “blue city.” This is one of the most beautiful cities of Rajasthan! You’ll also be able to forge a true bond with the locals by meeting wonderful people all along your trip.
Visiting Rajasthan on your motorbike allows you to get closer to the surrounding fauna. Why not experience an unforgettable safari to observe crocodiles and sambars in their natural environment? You may also see a herd of antelope! Well, Rajasthan gives you the opportunity to realize a genuine trip towards local people and deeply preserved nature.
Want to know more about our flagship destinations? Discover our motorbike tours in South India or in Madhya Pradesh.

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Region expert

Manon discovers the pleasure of the road in West Africa, at the age of 20. Her passion for unknown regions allow her to create itineraries embracing human and cultural experiences.

The opinion of Paul
Vintage Rider

«I embarked upon this adventure with only a vague idea of just how it would be but being aware that Vintage Rides is a French Company. The descriptions given in the advertising information outlined the itinerary but could only ever prime one for what was to become an adventure that surpassed by some distance my original expectations. For the most part the other riders and pillions were French and a more friendly group of people one could not expect to meet, we gelled very quickly and I being the only Englishman was very soon integrated. The tour leader Anuj and his ever smiling mechanic were terrific with their knowledge of just where to visit and what to do when things did not go according to a very flexible plan. We got to enjoy many place that were 'off the beaten track' as well as the more familiar sights and scenes. Even when the machines suffered damage from the poor surfaces and ravages of at times a challenging terrain they were not out of action for long. Stunning scenery and opulent Havelis added to what was a wonderful experience and a real taste of India. Memories that will linger for a lifetime and I know that for certain I will return to India to explore more of this fascinating land. Well done Vintage Rides.»

All Motorcycle trips in Rajasthan

€2,590/pilot – €2,290/pillion
John Travel designer John

The Land of Maharajas

Motorcycle Ramble

“An impressive and compelling motorcycle experience in India.”

Duration 13 days incl. 11 days riding
Level Intermediate
Period October to March
€2,080/pilot – Pillions unadvised
John Travel designer John

Rajasthan Adventure

Adventure Tour

“An original foray into authentic Rajasthan.”

Duration 10 days incl. 7 days riding
Level Demanding
Period October to March
€1,680/pilot – €1,530/pillion
Ravi Travel designer Ravi

Rajasthan Essentials

Adventure Tour

“An intense motorbike trip to discover the beauties of Rajasthan.”

Duration 7 days incl. 5 days' riding
Level Demanding
Period October/November - February/March
€3,300/pilot – €3,050/pillion
Francis Travel designer Francis

Luxury Tour in Rajasthan

Luxury Tour

“A romantic motorbike trip, straight out of the Thousand and One Nights.”

Duration 10 days incl. 6 days' riding
Level Accessible
Period October to March

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Since 2006, Vintage Rides has been the specialist for character-packed motorcycle tours. We design offbeat itineraries to give you an unforgettable motorbiking experience.

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