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Adventure Tour : Mongolia

On the Trail of Genghis Khan


Brandon, travel designer

An ardent fan of Mongolia, he is based in the Mongolian capital, come summer or winter. A mechanic by soul and a fine motorcycle trial rider, he can make you discover this magnificent region by sharing his passion for travel.

3 950  / pilot
2 870  / pillion
5 departures
Adventure Tour
Period June to September
Duration 14 days incl. 12 days' riding
Level Demanding
Guide English-speaking tour leader
Accommodation Standard
Prix €3,950/pilot
Adventure Tour
Period June to September
Duration 14 days incl. 12 days' riding
Level Demanding
English-speaking tour leader
Accommodation Standard
From €3,950/pilot
Dare to embark on our motorbike raid through virgin nature: vast steppe, sand dunes, rolling forests, volcanic landscapes, pristine lakes, and even a thermal spring. Long-haul adventurers with a love of freedom and the great outdoors, you’ll ride Mongolian trails as curious nomads watch your crew pass by. The terrain is mostly grassy trails, with a few technical sections. No signs, no traffic lights, no speed limits – just ride along to a soundtrack of holy rivers and herds of wild animals. The trails of Mongolia afford a sense of freedom that defies description. If you love the great outdoors, starry skies and authentic encounters, this motorcycle trip is made for you !

Your Motorcycle Tour in Mongolia 14 stages - 902 miles

ulan bator city
J1 / Arrive in Ulan Bator

According to your flight schedule, you’re met at the airport and transferred to the hotel. You can visit the city and dine at your leisure. Ulan Bator (1,350 m) is nestled in the valley of the south-flowing Tuul river. The city spreads over almost 18 miles from west to east and 9 miles from north to south. With 1.5 million inhabitants and the mining boom, the city has changed a lot in 20 years.

royal enfield mongolia
J2 / Ulan Bator - Hustai - 56 miles

After breakfast, and a 10-mile transfer in a private vehicle, we're introduced to our Royal Enfield Himalayans and... off we go! The first day is a short one on roads and some tracks so you can get used to the bikes and get a feel for the steppe's terrain, which is generally not difficult but may require a bit of technique from time to time.

traditional yurts mongolia
J3 / Hustai - Ogii Nuur - 162 miles

We head westwards over the steppe on the Middle Route, one of the main tarmacked roads that crosses this immense country. It is hypnotising with seemingly never-ending straight stretches and very few bends. To make sure no-one gets bored, we take a few off-road detours to visit a traditional hamlet, some royal ruins or just to really get a sense of the infinite lands.

royal enfield tours mongolia
J4 / Ogii Nuur - Tsertserleg - 84 miles

Sunrise at Ogii Nuur lake is picture perfect and worth getting up early for. Then, we enjoy an exceptional riding day: the landscapes awaiting us are simply stunning. What's more, we hardly see an inch of tarmac today, just what you came for! We have lunch at a local café. Most of the tracks are very smooth and a real pleasure to ride them on our little Indian trail.

off road royal enfield
J5 / Tsertserleg - Terkhiin Tsagaan - 130 miles

We head for the most westerly point of our tour: the White Lake and the dormant volcano, Khorgo. On our way, we'll spot some of Mongolia's oldest archaeological sites, especially in Tamir Valley. We experience a change of scenery for the last few miles on tracks through lava fields close to the volcano.

mountain landscape mongolia
J6 / Terkhiin Tsagaan - 40 miles

Today, you can spend the day exploring White Lake and its surrounds. You're free to do as you wish: you can take the day off to relax or set off to the volcano in the morning (by foot, by car or both) and hop on the bikes for an afternoon ride to the small Khadat Lake.

riders relaxing mongolia
J7 / Terkhiin Tsagaan - Tsenkher - 134 miles

We head east towards Tsenkher’s hot springs. We alternate between roads and tracks, mixing things up as much as possible so we don't take the same route we came on. We have lunch at a local place and pass through Tsetserleg market to pick up some food in preparation for our stay with some nomads.

local nomads mongolia
J8 / Tsenkher - 28 miles

We take a day off biking to relax in the hot springs. You can take a walk to enjoy the fresh mountain air and the surrounding larch forests. For those of you who can't get enough of the track: you can take an excellent ride nearby with some stretches that require a little more technique than usual and passes a sacred site at the top of a hill shrouded in a special atmosphere.

wild horses mongolia
J9 / Tsenkher - Orkhon Valley - 62 miles

The track takes us into the heart of the Orkhon Valley with several ford crossings and small hills. We notice that the landscapes become ever more mountainous. The steppes gradually give way to the rugged foothills of the Khanghai volcanic mountains. We arrive mid-afternoon at our hosts' place, near the Orkhon waterfalls.

royal enfield tour mongolia
J10 / Orkhon Valley  - 31 miles

Early in the morning, we explore our camp. We make the most of the calm and visit one of the region's most beautiful waterfalls. On the way back, we help the family chef prepare a typical nomad dish. We set off again after lunch, enjoying the tracks and a slalom between volcanic rocks.

gobi desert mongolia
J11 / Orkhon Valley - Karakorum - 47 miles

We head northeast on superb tracks. We ride alongside Orkhon river one last time. By lunchtime, we arrive at the ancient capital of Genghis Khan’s empire: Karakorum. In the museum, we immerse ourselves in the history of the capital and the steppe empires pre and post Genghis Khan, and then have lunch.

wild camels mongolia
J12 / Karakorum - Khogno Khan - 93 miles

Today, we visit the Khogno Khan dunes, nicknamed "Mini Gobi". The steppe winds carried sand to the foot of Mount Khogno Khan (1,967 m), creating a long stretch of dunes spanning around 50 miles, called Elsen Tasarkhai, which literally means "an isolated torn-off piece of sand". We take on plenty of tracks and make the most of some wild riding, as the end of the tour is in sight!

mongolia motorcycle steppe
J13 / Khogno Khan - Ulan Bator - 162 miles

We make our way back to Ulan Bator on a wonderful stretch of asphalt crossing the desert plains, then the steppes. This is our last day to soak up these mind-blowing landscapes. We end the day in the capital. You’re transferred to the hotel and you have a free late afternoon and evening.

rider group mongolia
J14 / Ulan Bator

Those with a late flight can have a free day in the city. You can enjoy the capital’s unique atmosphere, which is both harsh and welcoming at the same time. Ulan Bator is one of those cities that everyone has an opinion about. A taxi will take you to the airport.

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