Motorcycle road trip Mongolia - Frozen Ride

Motorcycle road trip Mongolia

Frozen Ride

Jean Burdet

Jean Burdet, travel designer

A seasoned long-haul adventurer and sidecar enthusiast, he’s always up for the most mind-boggling adventures.

Set yourself a new challenge! Join Vintage Rides for an extreme motorsport adventure: cross the frozen lake of Khövsgöl on Royal Enfield sidecars in extreme conditions with temperatures plunging as low as -40 degrees celsius. Going beyond one’s limits, solidarity, unforeseen meteorological conditions, these are the elements that will make your adventure unforgettable. On this trip, 4 Royal Enfield 2010 of our own fleet will be equipped with Yeti sidecars, specially designed for off-road. Set off for the biggest adventure of your life !

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Useful information
Period March
Duration 10 days incl. 6 days' riding
Level Demanding
English-speaking tour leader
Accommodation Standard or with hosts
From €4,850/pilot


rider group mongolia
D1 / Ulan Bator airport

Talk about excitement! When you set foot in Mongolia for the first time, you just know that you’re about to embark on one of the most amazing adventures of your life. Transfer from the airport to the hotel.

royal enfield tour mongolia
D2 / Ulan Bator - Moron - Ulan Bator - Moron

Early-morning wake up, the adventure starts with a long day being transferred to the remote region of Khövsgöl, named after the lake located at 1,600 metres altitude and which flows into its big brother, Lake Baikal in Russia. Transfer from the hotel in Ulan Bator to Moron in a private vehicle. We drive through the steppes enveloped in a white blanket of snow.

coffee time frozen lake
D3 / Moron - Hatgal - 56 miles

We set off for Hatgal on a good tarmac road, which gives you the chance to get used to the Royal Enfield sidecars’ highly nimble steering. It’s biting cold. When we reach Hatgal, everybody pitches in to fix studded tyres to the sidecars. We experience our first wheel spins on the lake, which feels unreal. We discover the Mongolian national fleet, which is docked up for the winter, before enjoying the sunset reflecting on the ice.

ice lake khövsgöl mongolia
D4 / Hatgal - Jigleg - 62 miles

We glide over the ice, which is sometimes smooth and sometimes rough towards the lake’s western shore. No matter if you are steering the bike or in the sidecar, it feels extraordinary. Every 45 minutes, we stop to check our hands and feet and warm up with a coffee break. It’s important to look out for each other; in extreme conditions like these, team spirit is essential to ensure that we all reach our destination safe and sound.

frozen lake mongolia
D5 / Jigleg - Hanh - 62 miles

Now we’re feeling more comfortable on the motorcycles, we set off towards Hanh, the highest village in the region, close to the Siberian border. If we are lucky, we’ll be able to ride over smooth ice and have fun with some memorable gliding games. In Hanh, we meet a nice family who welcome us to yurts reserved just for us: what a luxury!

royal enfield tour mongolia
D6 / Hanh - Modon Huis - 62 miles

Just when we think we’ve got the hang of steering our Royal Enfield sidecars on ice, we’re faced with a new challenge: the track. It’s rough and uneven, so we have to be extra careful given the new strong sensations. We enter snow-covered coniferous forests hoping that the powdery snow is not too deep and we do not accidentally venture onto a river that isn’t quite frozen.

royal enfield mongolia
D7 / Modon Huis - Hatga - 62 miles

Our well-practiced group takes to the lake one last time. As always, we’re bound to come across new surprises. We confidently push our Royal Enfields to circle us as if saying our farewells to this never-ending lake. Back on the tarmac, we are amused to rediscover what normal steering feels like! How can we find the words to describe what we have experienced? Maybe we can’t!

road trip mongolia
D8 / Hatgal - Moron - 56 miles

This is a buffer day to account for any unexpected eventualities during the tour. If everything goes according to the schedule, we’ll use the last day for one last spin on the frozen lake between the boats before hitting the road towards Moron and a hot shower.

ice lake khövsgöl mongolia
D9 / Moron - Uan Bator

Today, we set off for Ulan Bator in an UAZ (a Russian van). We take one last glance at the steppes, full of memories. Whatever the weather, the quality of the ice or the mechanical glitches that we might have had, there is no doubt that you’ll be certain that this tour will always be a part of you. We spend the last night in a real hotel and it feels good! Those who wish, may share dinner in Ulan Bator.

royal enfield sidecars mongolia
D10 / Ulan Bator airport

Those with morning flights will be transferred to the airport. If not, you can enjoy more time in the capital before heading back home with a head full of memories.

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