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Royal Enfield
A true motorcycle experience in Asia


Why a tour with Vintage Rides ?

Since 2006, Vintage Rides has been the specialist for character-packed motorcycle tours in Asia. We design offbeat itineraries to give you an unforgettable motorbiking experience.

Our concept
What the media say
Automoto Turbo Figaro Magazine
Our top destinations
Himalaya Nepal Mongolia Sri Lanka

Three packages - every possibility !

Whether you want to tour solo, in a pair, or with friends, on set dates or your own dates -
it's all possible. You choose what suits you best !

Join a group

For each tour, there are fixed-date departures. Groups consist of 12 bikers max, passengers included.

Make your own group

If no fixed date suits you, and you prefer to tour with your bunch of biker friends, this is the package you need.

Go adventuring

Freedom is yours ! Want to travel alone or in a small group, without a tour leader ? Of course !

Want to personalise your motorcycle tour ?

The Vintage Rides spirit a passion to share

Every year, the Vintage Riders community gets bigger. Thanks for sharing your passion for motorbike travel !

Brian Marris
“This company provides excellent value for many, superb organisation, brilliant bikes and fabulous staff. We could not fault our experience.”
“Awesome experience with Vintagerides.”
“Very good experience with vitagerides.”
Eléna Esposto
“Royal Enfield are the best motorbikes to cross India ! We have been very satisfied by the organization of the trip ! Very good experience ! ”
“Test Review by Ashish”
Ravi Kumar
“Test review by Ravi”
“hmjnm jmghjk bmkghjkgk hgj”
Rider feedback
The Vintage Rides team Never far away

In France and Asia, our team of keen bikers will help you design your motorcycle tour.

Motorbike tour expert
He travelled around the globe and crossed the US on a Harley before settling in Delhi to do what he does best - talk about motorbike trips in Asia.
Motorbike tour leader
Our roaming biker is still just as eager to scour the road network to unearth sublime routes and share his stories.
Motorbike tour expert
A fresh addition to our Delhi office, she has a fair few Asian motorcycling experiences under her belt. After a year in Vietnam, India's her new adoptive home.
Motorbike tour leader
An intrepid all-rounder, she has cruised India’s roads with many groups, and knows the country like the back of her leather-gloved hand.
Motorbike tour expert
Delhi-based for more than two years, he's our longest-serving expert. Buzzing with energy, he'll convey to you his knowledge of - and passion for - the Himalaya.
Motorbike tour leader
Our fashion-icon tour leader has two long-standing passions: photography and The Bullet. But above all, he’s in love with India.
Motorbike tour expert
Curious and versatile, he makes the most of his holidays to discover roads he's never travelled - on a Royal Enfield, naturally !
The team
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Satisfied riders
“Excellent ”
by 55 riders
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