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Whether you're new to the world of motorcycle travel or looking to hone your skills, our Beginner's Guides are here to help you get started. We cover the essential basics, from choosing your first bike to preparing for your first long journey. Learn the best practices for safety, maintenance, and navigation, along with tips on how to fully enjoy your initial adventures. With our guides, embark on your two-wheel journey with confidence and get ready to explore the world by motorcycle.
07 May 2020 • Guides

Our mechanics at the end of the world

Without them, our motorcycle tours on Royal Enfields would be impossible, or much more complicated! You already know them or you will soon meet them on the roads of the world. Here is a small overview of our guardian angels.

09 April 2020 • Guides

3 motorcycle events that combine the perfect mix of adventure and riding pleasure

Today, the Vintage Rides team covers three world-famous motorcycle events that offer the perfect mix of passion for adventure and riding: Dakar Rally, Baja 1000 and Le Touquet.

21 August 2019 • Guides

Why travel by sidecar?

Not your average vehicle, sidecars draw attention and turn heads wherever they go. Although we’re aware that these stunning retro combinations that we very much love –such as the Yeti models designed in France by our “sidecarist” friend Jean Burdet– have yet to really catch on.

26 July 2019 • Guides

What makes the Royal Enfield the perfect motorcycle for a two-wheeled road trip?

Originally British, the Royal Enfield is now an Indian icon. Rustic yet elegant, this classic bike is the perfect travelling companion for a motorbike tour. Why?

07 June 2019 • Guides

Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor: a new classic

Inspired by the legendary Royal Enfield parallel-twins from the 1960s, the brand new 650 Twin is available in two models: the Interceptor and the Continental GT.

18 January 2019 • Guides

The Custom Builders We Love

Here’s a whistle-stop tour of our favourite custom builders around the world!

23 May 2017 • Guides

4 reasons why you should try a sidecar

Whether it’s with our sidecar motorcycle tour in Mongolia, or our crazy Frozen Ride on the ice of Lake Khövsgöl earlier this year, no one can deny how fascinating these machines are.

07 February 2017 • Guides

What to pack for an Asia motorcycle trip?

After 10 years of motorbike trips in India, Nepal or Thailand, here are a few of the tips we’ve come up with!

23 December 2016 • Guides

The 5 best vintage motorcycle helmets

The team has selected its favorite shells to wear on our motorcycle trips.

09 August 2013 • Guides

Vintage Royal Enfields Brought Back to Life

Getting vintage Royal Enfields back to life is a high valued project of Vintage Rides.

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