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Motorcycle trip Tajikistan

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Motorcycle Tour Tajikistan

Situated between Central Asia and China, Tajikistan is a land of mountains. A Royal Enfield trip in Tajikistan is for those who love wild countries and pristine landscapes. The eastern part of the country is perfect for a long bike tour. The splendid M41 Highway, a part of the old silk route, known as Pamir Highway, is a must for bikers. Between Murgab and Sary-Tash, you will cross Akbaital Pass at an attitude of 4655m. You will explore the Tian-Shan mountain range and its special valleys. The mountains shape the landscape between deserts, glacier valleys, canyons, alpine pastures, magnificent lakes and rivers. In the foothills of Pamir’s high peaks, Tajikistan is home to a few small villages cut off from the world. The Ismaili communities in the Hunza valley extend a warm welcome to the tourists passing through. In the west, close to the frontier with Uzbekistan, you will discover the regions between Dushanbe, Fann mountains and the Khujand corridor. You will visit the ruins of the Panjikent bazars, called “Pompeii of Central Asian”. In this small forgotten country from Central Asia, the trip is synonymous with authenticity and simplicity.

When should one travel in Tajikistan?

The weather in this country is continental and mountainous. The seasons are marked by major temperature variations. The best season for a motorcycle trip in Tajikistan is during the summer. In this period, the mountain roads are clear, high altitude passes negotiable and the temperatures mild. The Pamir Highway is then accessible by motorcycle. The temperatures do not rise very high and the nights are still cool. Spring and autumn are good periods for visiting Dushanbe and the neighbouring areas. With Siberian influences, winter in Tajikistan is very cold and there is wind blowing in the mountains. Snowfall makes the motorcycle trip almost impossible at this time of the year. It is possible to visit Tajikistan at the end of spring and the beginning of summer. The months of June and September are perfect for exploring the country. The temperatures are very pleasant in the day and the number of tourists visiting very low. Its time for a motorcycle adventure on Tajikistan’s roads!


Geography Tajikistan

Tajikistan, located in Central Asia, is a territory covered almost entirely by mountains. It shares its borders with Kirghizstan in the North, Afghanistan in the South, China in the East and Uzbekistan in the West and the North-West. A motorcycle trip in Tajikistan takes you to the heart of spectacular gorges and canyons. The eastern part of the country is occupied by the Pamir-Alai range with peaks at an altitude of more than 7 000m including the famous Lenin Peak and the Communism Peak, which reach a height of respectively 7 134 m and 7 495 m. The Pamir is home to several glaciers including Fedchenko glacier, which is the longest glacier in the world. In the West, there are fertile valleys, the Fergana valley in the North and the Kafirnigan and Vakhsh valleys in the South. Three mountain ranges separate the north from the south: the Turkestan, Zeravshan and Gissar mountains. The smallest of the ex-soviet socialist republics in Central Asia has two great rivers: Syr-Darya and Amu-Darya. These two great rivers flow into the Aral Sea. The capital, Dushanbe is located in the central western area of the country. Tajikistan has two national parks: the Pamir National park and the Natural and History Park of Shirkent.


History and culture in Tajikistan

Tajikistan was occupied by different empires throughout its history. A motorcycle trip in Tajikistan takes you on an encounter with multiple cultural influences. This country with its strategic location in Central Asia was coveted by many. Alexander the Great, the Iranian Persians, the famous Samanids. In this period, Tajikistan experienced great artistic and cultural growth. Bukhara became one of the main cultural centres of the Islamic world. Today, several remains provide an insight into this glorious era. From the 10th century onwards, Tajikistan fell into the hands of Central Asian Turks, the great Mongol emperor Genghis Khan and later Tamerlane. The 19th century was marked by the Russian colonisation. In 1924, The Republic of Tajikistan was created and included in Uzbekistan. In 1929, it became a full-fledged Soviet Socialist Republic. To proclaim its independence in 1991, Tajikistan had a difficult political history of overthrows, civil wars and several clashes. In 1999, a peace agreement was signed under the aegis of the United Nations. Since 2000, the situation in Tajikistan has stabilised.

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