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On the Roads of Ceylon
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On the Roads of Ceylon
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Travelling differently: Motorcycle Tours in Sri Lanka

Have you been dreaming of an Asia motorcycle tour? Is your wanderlust growing stronger? Feeling the enticing pull of excitement and adventure? Join us on an unforgettable 12-day motorcycle tour in Sri Lanka on a Royal Enfield between the months of January and August. This journey of discovery, beauty, and adventure will be guided by our experienced team, as you traverse the country's most remote landscapes through vast open spaces and winding secret roads. You can even indulge in a few thrilling slides in the legendary seaside resorts of Arugam Bay or Hikkaduwa.  Sri Lanka's untamed and well-preserved landscapes await, promising total immersion in breathtaking sceneries. Experience everything from serene seashores to roaring waterfalls, from the adorable slender loris to the imposing Sri Lankan elephant. The country's majestic and lush jungles will welcome you in, share her wondrous secrets, and leave you spellbound. All of these moments are exponentially more invigorating when experienced from the saddle of a motorbike trip in Sri Lanka.

Ride through History and Culture on a motorbike tour of Sri Lanka

Your motorcycle tour in Sri Lanka will also provide an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the rich Buddhist and Hindu cultures of the country. Explore the Koneswaram Hindu temple or marvel at the majestic 16-meter-high Buddha statue at Buduruwagala. These encounters will offer glimpses into the spiritual traditions that have shaped Sri Lanka's identity.  Juxtaposed on these ancient traditions are areas which feel strangely familiar. There are lush landscapes, dotted with dairy farms and rolling fields, which could easily pass for Switzerland. There are bustling cities which still carry the distinct character of their British history. These many unique facets meld together to make one truly unforgettable country. Throw your leg over your Royal Enfield and embark on your very own motorcycle trip in Sri Lanka.

Royal Enfield: The best choice for motorcycle tours in Sri Lanka

Unveil the wonders of Sri Lanka through the exhilaration of a Sri Lanka motorcycle tour. Let the Royal Enfield guide you through landscapes of unparalleled beauty. You will find yourself experiencing sensations which only emerge when you have become one with the road. You and your motorcycle engage in a fluid dance against the backdrop of lush tropical jungles. All of your cares fade into the background, and time seems to stand still.  This classic motorcycle is as intriguing as it is nimble, prompting unscripted interactions with the locals. You will find yourself drawn into many conversations with curious onlookers as they investigate the source of that distinctive engine note and vintage design. These and many more experiences await you on your motorbike tour in Sri Lanka. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures and create memories that will last a lifetime. Vintage Rides invites you to embark on this extraordinary journey of discovery and adventure. Are you ready to explore the wonders of Sri Lanka on two wheels? We invite you to discover more about Sri Lanka on its official website. If the allure of Asia intrigues you and you wish to discover all its secrets, take a closer look at our other itineraries. Consider our Thailand motorcycle tours where you can delve into the vibrant culture and picturesque landscapes, or India motorcycle tours where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern wonders.
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Great experience. I learnt alot. I…

Great experience. I learnt alot. I struggled with a couple of the more difficult dirt...

30 Mar. 2020

i loved this trip we had…

i loved this trip we had a fantastic time i am from Australia and very...

18 Mar. 2020

Brochure should be upto date regarding…

Brochure should be upto date regarding extent of off road

17 Mar. 2020

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On the Roads of Ceylon

Discover the diverse beauty of Sri Lanka with the "On the Roads of Ceylon" motorcycle tour. Ride through vibrant landscapes, from lush tea plantations and serene beaches to bustling cities and historic temples. This journey offers a unique blend of cultural exploration and natural beauty, allowing you to experience the island's rich heritage and stunning scenery. Each ride brings new adventures and deeper insights into the charm of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka
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