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Motorcycle trip Guatemala

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Motorcycle Tour Guatemala

Tropical forests, volcanoes, high altitude lakes, archaeological sites, Atlantic and Pacific coasts: Guatemala offers a wealth of varied and harmonious landscapes. A Royal Enfield trip in Guatemala will guarantee you a holiday full of surprises and delightful experiences surrounded by Amerindian culture. In Guatemala, you can visit the extraordinary Tikal ruins, hidden in the heart of the tropical forest in the northern part of the country. Do not miss the beautiful Lake Atitlán, located at an altitude of more than 1500m and nestled at the foot of the perfect cone-shaped volcanoes. Indians represent more than half of this country's population, which is a lot more hybrid than Mexico. Languages, costumes, folklore and traditional costumes plunge you into a riot of colours. You will ride on sinuous mountain roads, sublime trails and steep paths, while admiring breath-taking landscapes in the backdrop of picturesque villages frozen in another era. Pre-Colombian civilisations have left their vestiges all over the country. You go literally deep in the heart of the Maya world. From the tropical jungle to the small, lost villages on the high plateaus, you will be mesmerized by the hidden treasures of Guatemala. A motorcycle trip in Guatemala will promise you an intensely authentic journey.

When should one travel in Guatemala?

Guatemala’s climate is distinguished by alternating dry and rainy seasons. November, December, January and February are the best months for a motorcycle trip in Guatemala. During the dry season, the humidity level is low and the temperatures very mild in the tropical regions. During this period, there is an extraordinary luminosity in the volcano region. There is a rainy season in the summer, roughly speaking, between the months of June and October. The difference between the two seasons is however much less marked than in Mexico. There may be rainfall during the dry season, notably in Petén, the country’s northernmost region. But the showers occur mainly late in the afternoon. Generally, it is possible to travel throughout the year in Guatemala by avoiding the most humid areas. As for the temperatures, keep in mind that half the territory is made up of high plateaus and mountains. At high altitudes, evenings and nights can be cool even in summer, while in the lowlands, on the coast and in the jungle, the temperatures are always pleasant.


Geography Guatemala

Guatemala is a country in Central America with an extremely diverse terrain. During a motorcycle trip in Guatemala, you will experience an exceptional variety of climates, landscapes and temperatures. In the north, the region of Petén is wedged in between Mexico and Belize. This immense plain represents one-third of the territory and is covered with tropical forests. Two big rivers flow through Petén: the río de la Pasión and the río Usumacinta, forming the northwestern frontier with Mexico. The central and the western region of Guatemala form the region of high plateaus, the Altiplano, and volcanoes with altitudes of 2000m on an average. The terrain in this part is the best for a motorcycle tour in Guatemala. Admire the magnificent mountain landscapes, most of the volcanoes of Guatemala and one of the most beautiful lakes of the world, the Lake Atitlán. The highly fertile plains, located between this chain of volcanoes and the Pacific Ocean, are suitable for sugarcane and cocoa crops. You will find coffee plantations with coffee beads famous all over the world, facing the Pacific Ocean, in the foothills of the mountain range. Finally, the lowlands in the eastern part of Guatemala are hot and humid, and are home to an extraordinary variety of flora and fauna.


History and Culture in Guatemala

During your motorcycle trip in Guatemala, you will immediately come in contact with a rich and fascinating culture. The Maya civilisation came into existence around 3000 years ago. Their territory extended over Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. During the so-called pre-Columbian period, the Maya civilisation grew significantly with major constructions and wars between cities. The post-classical period marks the decline of the Mayas. Several theories explain the collapse of this society: over-population, bad harvests and the arrival of Conquistadors in the 16th century. Pedro de Alvarado founded Santiago de los Caballeros, the first capital of Guatemala, which was destroyed by natural disasters. A new city was created, which is today called Antigua. In the 17th century, it was one of the richest capitals in Central America. Battered several times by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods, the city was completely destroyed in 1773. A third city was then constructed, Ciudad de Guatemala, the capital of Guatemala. The country became independent in 1821 and entered a period of dictatorship. From the 1960s onwards, Guatemala experienced a long period of political instability, coup d’état and civil war. In the early 2000s, with the end of the civil war, the country got a new lease of life.

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