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Do you dream of jetting to South America to explore Brazil on a motorcycle tour? Set off on an extraordinary adventure on a classic motorcycle. A tour on a Royal Enfield in Brazil will take you deep into the heart of the largest country in South America. It has it all from vast open areas, breathtaking landscapes, mountains, villages and deserts to modern cities and amazing beaches. No matter where you are in Brazil, from the Amazon to the Iguazu Falls, from Sertão to the Pantanal, from tropical forests to wild jungles, nature always reigns supreme. Leave with us from Rio de Janeiro for an action-packed motorcycle tour of Brazil. Take on Brazil's roads by motorcycle with its thrilling bends and secret tracks. A motorcycle tour in Brazil is a wonderful chance to discover a rich culture through Samba, the Portuguese language and Rio's world-renowned carnival. Brazil is a wonderful blend of African, European, Asian and American Indian cultures and has an unbelievable energy. On a motorcycle tour in Brazil, you can discover this immense country in all its diversity and beauty.

When’s the best time to visit Brazil?

Located in the southern hemisphere, Brazil’s seasons are the opposite to Europe’s, so when it’s summer in the UK, it’s winter in Brazil and vice versa. For a motorcycle tour to Brazil, set off between June and September. In such a vast country with an extremely varied geography, the climate and weather differs greatly from one region to another. There are two main climates, in the north and the south of the country. The Amazon is hot and humid all year round and the driest period to visit this region is from June to December. The northeast and Sertão, the outback, have a semi-arid climate and the best time to visit them is between September and mid-December. Mato Grosso’s rainy season is during Brazil’s summertime, when the Pantanal’s plains are covered with water. From June to September is the best time to visit central Brazil and its capital Brasilia. The Iguazu Falls are located in a rainforest. Between May and September is ideal for travelling by motorbike to enjoy a drier, cooler climate. Rio de Janeiro has two seasons: a rainy season from December to April and a dry season from May to November.

Brazil’s Geography

A Royal Enfield tour in Brazil allows you to discover one of country’s five large regions: north, northeast, central-west, southeast and south. As the largest country in South America, Brazil’s geography is immensely diverse. The north is almost entirely covered by the Amazon rainforest. This vast Brazilian plain is marshy and blanketed in virgin forests. Another large plain dominates the central-west, called the Pantanal, on the borders of Bolivia and Paraguay. Explore this region by motorcycle and discover Brazil’s capital, Brasilia or its abundant wildlife. The central plateau stretches to the south of the Amazon plain, the heart of dynamic Brazil with the cities Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Characterised by a tropical climate, this region is covered by highland forests and lakes. Bordered by Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay, it’s the land of gauchos, cowboys, rodeos and barbecues and the site of the legendary Iguazu Falls.

Brazil’s history and culture

During your motorcycle tour of Brazil, you’ll discover a world power that should not be missed. Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvarez Cabral discovered Brazil in the early 16th century. The country then became a Portuguese colony and sugar cane was introduced. The first slaves were brought to Brazil to harvest sugar and the first colonial cities were founded. Later, in the 18th century, the first gold mines were discovered. Brazil was declared a republic in 1889. Getulio Vargas became president in 1930 after a coup d’état. Economic development was rapidly spoiled by political and social problems, leading to a military dictatorship that lasted from 1964 until 1985. In 2002, the first socialist president, Lula da Silva was elected in a difficult context. He had an excellent track record and is now an emblematic figure in Brazil’s history. In 2010, Dilma Rousseff was elected president of Brazil before Jair Bolsonaro was elected in October 2018

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