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A Royal Enfield motorcycle tour in Romania is the best way to immerse yourself in this vibrant universe at the crossroads of western, Slavic, Byzantine and eastern influences. Romania has plenty to reveal to curious travellers who venture there. It is one of few Eastern European countries where the sense of adventure is still alive. A motorcycle tour in Romania will dispel any misconceptions you may have about this country full of mystery. Explore the capital, Bucharest, before delving deeper into rural life and experiencing a traditional way of living. You'll cross authentic villages, visit UNESCO World Heritage sites and stay in charming accommodation. Romanians can often speak English, but in any case, they are extremely communicative and hospitable. The country is culturally rich and architecture buffs will be in their element in medieval towns, crossing Transylvania or visiting wooden churches and monasteries. Discover a country that cherishes its rich culture. Romania's nature and rural areas also attract visitors, not to mention the famous Danube Delta, home to numerous bird species.

When’s the best time to visit Romania?

The best season for a motorcycle tour in Romania is spring or autumn. However, there are important differences between the north and south of the country and the coast and mountainous regions. With a mild, continental climate, seasons vary greatly with vast temperature differences between winter and summer and day and night. Romania experiences long, severe winters with an average temperature of -2 degrees in Bucharest in January. Summer in Bucharest can be scorching with hot and stifling temperatures. However, on the coast of the Black Sea, in the Apuseni Mountains and the Moldova Mountains or in Bukovina, the summer climate is mild with some rain to freshen the atmosphere. But, like in many other European countries, August is peak tourist season, especially along the Black Sea coast. The best time to travel across Romania on a Royal Enfield is during May-June and September-October. You can visit Romania from March onwards, but bear in mind that some accommodation doesn’t have central heating and the nights are still chilly.

Romania’s geography

Nestled in the southeast of Central Europe, Romania shares its borders with Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary. A motorcycle tour in Romania will show you its varied geography and numerous peaks. The country is formed by the vast Transylvanian plateau, which stands at more than 600 m altitude. The Carpathian Mountains occupy a third of the country and are dominated by Moldoveanu Peak (2,543 m). In the south of the country, the Danube Delta, the confluence between the river and the Black Sea, is a paradise for wildlife in the Dobrudja region. With several spa towns and an almost-Mediterranean climate along the Black Sea coastline, tourists come to Romania in droves during summer months. You’ll fall in love with Romania’s diversity and epic landscapes, peppered with caves, gorges, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. You’ll ride to the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, through Retezat National Park and across the plains covered by fir and spruce forests. What’s more, Romania has a rich and abundant wildlife and is home to numerous birds as well as wolves, lynx and even bears, especially in Rodnei National Park.

Romania’s history and culture

Romania is the fruit of a rich, fascinating history. During a motorcycle tour in Romania, you’ll get a glimpse of the country’s traditions and culture. Under the Roman Empire, Romania was called Dacie. Throughout its history, the country was invaded on several occasions, by the Huns, Tatars and Hungarians, founding small kingdoms in Moldovia and Transylvania. Coveted by the Ottoman Empire, and later by Russia, Romania gained independence at the end of the 19th century. Romania became a democratic country after the Second World War and the abdication of King Michael I, who was overthrown by the communists. Nicolae Ceausescu then took charge of the Communist Party and became president of Romania in 1974. The country entered into a long period of austerity and underwent a policy of forced regrouping in rural areas, equating to an unparalleled fifteen-year dictatorship until 1989 when Ceausescu was executed. Romania joined the European Union on 1st January 2007.

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