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Motorcycle trip Norway Cape North

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Discover Norway during a Motorcycle Tour in Cape North

There’s no need to head to the other side of the world to admire some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. An unmissable European destination for nature lovers, a motorcycle tour in Norway has something magical about it! Discover Hygge –Danes’ way of life– and how locals live in harmony with their environment. This Nordic country –at the forefront of the world in many ways– is setting an example to follow. Travelling around Norway on a Royal Enfield promises an extraordinary change of scenery in the midst of natural wonders. Ride superb tarmacked stretches in the middle of diverse natural spaces, including forests, hills, meadows, mountains and fjords. Throughout your motorcycle tour in Norway, you’ll delve deeper into virgin nature and cross breathtaking landscapes. Take the dizzying road towards Geirangerfjord, ride the twisting turns on the Lofoten Islands and cruise the coastal roads to discover fjords, canyons, lakes, crystal-clear waterfalls, lush mountains and unspoilt forests. Why not venture to the legendary North Cape, Europe’s northernmost point? On a road trip in Norway, you can really get a feel for this country’s beautiful, magic nature.

When’s the best time to visit Norway?

The best season for a motorcycle tour in Norway is mid-June to mid-August. Showers are common in Norway all year round but the clouds usually make way for sunny spells. The weather is very changeable, but the sun always shines at the right time, even at nighttime! The climate is more temperate along the coast thanks to the warm current from the Gulf Stream, whereas inland areas endure harsher temperatures. In summer, temperatures can reach 30°C, but soon drop when the wind and rain make a show. Never head to Norway without warm clothes and a rain jacket! In the south of the country, the coast is busier than the east of the country near the Swedish border. North Cape experiences permanent nighttime from the end of November until the end of January and permanent daytime from May to the end of July. If you travel to Norway during winter, you may be lucky enough to see the famous northern lights.

Norway’s geography

Norway is located in west Scandinavia and borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia. Norway summed up in one word: space. It is so vast, immense and unspoilt, overlooked by Galdhøpiggen, the country’s tallest mountain at 2,469 m. It’s a land of mountains, lakes, oceans and fjords tracing out its jagged coastline with thousands of islands and islets. Peaks make up almost half of the country, affording spectacular landscapes. During a motorcycle tour in Norway, you will discover an untouched paradise at the gates of Europe. When you visit Norway, you can admire its famous fjords, the extraordinary result of erosion, which carves out the land, forming deep, narrow faults. Some of the most representative are Sognefjord to the north of Bergen, which stretches for almost 130 miles and UNESCO World Heritage Sites Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord. You can also spot a wealth of fauna, such as moose, Norway’s most emblematic animal. Reindeer, deer, wolves, bears, lynxes, etc., can be found in the country’s forests and the underwater population is also varied with salmon, seals and whales along the coast.

Norway’s history and culture

During your motorcycle tour of Norway, you’ll get the chance to learn about a country marked by the Vikings. Aboard their Viking ships, they invaded the north Atlantic islands. Warriors, traders and administrators, they joined forces for the first time in west Scandinavia in the late ninth century. The Danes then took control and introduced Christianity. In the eleventh century, Norway entered Europe and annexed Iceland one year later. Oslo became the capital at the start of the fourteenth century. Then, Norway and Sweden were submitted to the domination of Denmark, under the Kalmar Union, until the start of the nineteenth century. Sweden took Norway under its wing before the kingdom gained its independence in the early twentieth century. The country remained neutral during World War I but was invaded by Germany in World War II. The country was rebuilt after the war and became a model of social democracy with an excellent economy, due especially to the chemical, felling and mining industries before oil and gas deposits were discovered at the end of the sixties. This was the most prosperous period for this country with a population of less than five million. The country has declined European Union membership on two occasions and is currently known for being one of the richest countries in the world.

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