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When should one travel in Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan’s climate is very continental and its seasons are characterised by high variations in temperature. The best season for a motorcycle trip in Kyrgyzstan is in summer. In this season, the roads are clear, the passes without snow and the temperatures mild despite highly fluctuating temperatures. It can be very hot in the day, especially in Bichkek, in the southwestern part of the country. The climate varies in accordance with the region and the altitude. At the bottom of the valleys, the temperatures can be scorching high while at an altitude of more than 2500m, it would be better if you carry warm clothes. Winter is not really suitable for motorcycle trips and outdoor activities. With the Siberian influence, the weather conditions are extremely harsh and there is a strong wind blowing. You can also visit Kyrgyzstan in the spring and in the beginning of autumn. The month of September is excellent for exploring the country. Despite the cool nights, the temperatures are very mild during the day and it is also the end of the tourist season. From June to September, embark on a motorcycle adventure on the trails of Kyrgyzstan.  

Geography Kyrgyzstan

Situated in the heart of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan shares its frontiers with China to the East, Uzbekistan to the West, Kyrgyzstan to the North and Tajikistan to the south. For a motorcycle trip in Kyrgyzstan, you will land in the capital, Bishkek. This small landlocked country with 6 million inhabitants is essentially mountainous. Its terrain divides the territory into two distinct parts, the North and the South, connected by high altitude passes. The mountain roads zigzag in this vertical terrain. The Tian Shan range with its Peak Pobeda (7 439 m) may be distinguished from the Pamir range with the Lenin Peak (7 134 m). In the Northwest, Chatkal forms another range. In the South, Fergana valley is the area with the lowest altitude in the country. The majority of the cities and villages can be found in this valley. Magnificent mountains, wild prairies, impressive glaciers, valleys as far as the eye can see. In the middle of this grandiose setting, rivers and lakes sparkle with their striking beauty: the immense salt Lake Issyk Kul located at an altitude of 1 600m and the Lake Song Kul, the biggest natural fresh water reserve of the country. Kyrgyzstan offers an authentic nature, a true land of adventure where the landscape is stunning and well protected.  

History and Culture Kyrgyzstan

For centuries, Kyrgyzstan has been under the control of various empires. After the Mongols, the Chinese and the Uzbeks, it was the turn of the Soviets in the late 19th century to invade Kyrgyzstan, which struggled to preserve its way of life. This rich history forced this small nomadic country to incorporate orthodox and Muslim religions, while trying to retain its traditional beliefs. During a motorcycle trip in Kyrgyzstan, you will discover shamanism, an ancestral spiritual practice based on the connections between men and the spirits of nature. Since its independence in 1991, a semi-nomadic pastoralism re-emerged and allowed the country to revive its traditions and its way of life. Like in Mongolia, the traditional habitat is the yurt. These famous constructions made of wood and felt can be dismantled and re-assembled during the migrations of the nomads, pasturing on summer pasturelands. On this trip, you will sleep under a yurt and discover the legendary hospitality of the Kyrgyz people. Between the nomadic tradition and the soviet heritage, there is much to discover during a trip in Kyrgyzstan.
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