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A motorcycle tour in Georgia takes you deep into a fascinating European country. Georgia stands at a crossroads with one foot in Asia and the other in Europe. The country is a mixing pot with Christian, Slavic, Turkish and Persian influences, a post-Soviet atmosphere and a nation looking westwards for inspiration. With such diverse landscapes for a surprisingly small country, you can be riding on the highest peaks close of the Caucasus Mountains one minute and then back down along the Black Sea Coast the next. Wherever you are, you can admire stunning wild nature. During a Royal Enfield tour in Georgia, your tour leader will take you places where very few go. On the edge of Europe, Georgia has a unique identity and offers visitors a rich cultural heritage. The country showcases its treasures and unspoilt beauties like very few in Europe. Visit Tbilisi's architectural wonders, troglodyte monasteries and churches with their unique fervour. Sample Georgian wines, especially those from Kakheti wine region. This small Caucasian country has barely been touched by tourism, which means you can expect a truly authentic experience.

When’s the best time to visit Georgia?

With so many contrasting landscapes spread across such little space, you can find peaks a plenty, high altitudes and even the ocean, which means that Georgia’s climate is both continental and Mediterranean. Spring is the best season to take a motorcycle tour in Georgia. However, the mornings and nights can be cool at high altitude. As we go higher in the Caucasus Mountains, the cold becomes dry. Summer and the start of autumn are great times to visit too, given the pleasant temperatures in the Caucasus Mountains. Winter is harsh in the mountains and summer is hot and dry on the plains. Summer temperatures soar and the heat is stifling in Tbilisi or along the Black Sea Coast. In summer, we can head for the Caucasus Mountains in search of cooler temperatures. Autumn is a beautiful season, despite some rain along the Black Sea Coast. During winter, the area is spared the cold and offers a Mediterranean climate with pleasant temperatures. You can take a motorcycle tour in Georgia during any of the four seasons, depending on the route you want to do.

Georgia’s geography

Georgia is bordered by Russia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, Armenia to the south and Turkey to the southwest. A small mountain country with a surface area similar to Sri Lanka, it is overlooked by the Greater Caucasus to the north and the Lesser Caucasus to the south, and opens out onto the Black Sea to the west. The capital, Tbilisi, is sandwiched between the peaks in a central depression, and is where most of the population lives. The city once stood on the Silk Road –the crossroads between East and West– but today is ideal for experiencing Georgian culture in the heart of a cosmopolitan capital city. To the north, the Greater Caucasus acts as a natural border with Russia with peaks standing at more than 5,000 m altitude, including the country’s highest point Shkhara (5,193m). Several protected spaces, national parks and nature reserves can be found throughout the country. During a motorcycle tour in Georgia, you can discover a wide range of flora, including tea plantations, Kakheti wine regions, woodlands with oak, maple, beech, chestnut trees, orchards and mandarin trees.

Georgia’s history and culture

It is hard to pinpoint the beginning of Georgia’s history, but is believed to be marked by the Scythians arrival in the sixth century BC, which was followed by invasions by the Persians and lastly Alexander the Great. The country was immediately divided in two with Colchis to the west and Iberia to the east, coveted by Greece and Armenia, respectively. The Romans placed the Caucasian kingdoms under trusteeship and the country bore witness to long conflicts between the Romans and the Persians. It was not until the tenth century when King Bagrat III regrouped all the Christian lands within Transcaucasia and officially founded the state. After centuries as a battlefield of empires, Russia annexed the whole of Georgia at the start of the nineteenth century. In 1917, the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic, which included Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, became independent, and then one year later, the Democratic Republic of Georgia was declared. The Red Army then invaded in 1921. In a nationalist spirit, independence was restored 70 years later with the fall of the USSR, soon leading to conflict with neighbouring countries. During the noughties, Georgia lost two historic regions, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Since 2008, the country has been experiencing a period of peace boosted by economic growth, which you could discover for yourself on a motorcycle tour in Georgia.

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