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A motorcycle tour in Finland will take you deep into a country that experiences life at the pace of nature and the seasons, where the sun shines past midnight in summer and the Northern Lights put on a show in winter. Discover the country’s energy: a clear invitation to ride into its nature. Cruise across the Finnish archipelago made up of hundreds and thousands of islands and admire its extraordinary unspoilt landscapes of forests, lakes and rivers. Aboard your Royal Enfield, you will take shortcuts, tracks and paths to the wildest lakes and rivers. The Finnish capital, Helsinki, is a must on any itinerary. Enjoy the city’s culture, architecture, design heritage, shopping and nightlife. In summer, Finland comes alive with a packed cultural agenda. Take a ferry and ride across the neighbouring islands. With numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, visit the Suomenlinna fortress or the wooden town of Rauma, the medieval castles, churches and cobbled streets of Naantali or Turku, Finland’s oldest town. In winter, make you way to Lapland and the Great North to discover the Sámi culture. Be in awe of the Northern Lights and look out for wildlife with elk, deer and seals hiding in the depths of immense forests. Don’t leave the country without taking a dip in a traditional sauna. During a motorcycle tour in Finland, you’ll ride through pristine nature and meet locals with unbounded energy and enthusiasm.

When’s the best time to visit Finland?

The best season to set off on a motorcycle tour in Finland is between May and September. During summer, temperatures are milder and you will also experience the midnight sun. It is usually an average of 20 degrees during the day. Expect long days from mid-May until the end of July. Peak tourist season hits in July and August. Tourist attractions and accommodation are open, you can go on a cruise and festivals take place countrywide. Summer is also the best time to hit the beaches in the south, where it is sunny and temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees during the day but nights can be cool. Prepare yourself some good motorcycle gear and even warm clothes in summer, as the weather is very changeable. There is not much point mentioning spring or autumn as these seasons are fleeting, barely lasting one month. Winter is from September to May. Temperatures plummet to around -10°C in January and February in the south and often even go below -20°C in the north. Winter sports season starts in February. Lapland is known for its short, extremely cold days during winter. If you’ve dreamt of seeing the Northern Lights, head to north Finland between February and April.

Finland’s geography

A motorcycle tour in Finland guarantees a change of scenery at the gates of Europe. Opening out to the sea and bordering with Sweden to the west, Norway to the north and Russia to the east, almost a quarter of Finnish territory lies north of the polar circle. Plains and granite hills can be found in the centre and the Scandinavian Mountains to the north-west. Nevertheless, Finland is generally flat, although its highest peak, Mount Halti, stands at 1,324 m in the north-west. Finland is above all a country of lakes. The country has three main regions, Lapland, the coastal regions and the inland. Its jagged coastline is home to small villages looking out onto thousands of islands and islets. Water is omnipresent on the Finnish archipelago: as you move away from the coast, you quickly become surrounded by inland lakes. The roads make exploring these fascinating landscapes easy. In the north, Lapland and its tundra spanning as far as the eye can see are home to herds of deer. Lapland is perfect for hiking through its beautiful forests in summer and taking a dog-pulled sleigh ride or driving a snowmobile in winter.

Finland’s history and culture

During a motorcycle tour in Finland, you will discover the history of a country built under Swedish and Russian influence. The Sámis, Germanic peoples and later Uralic tribes all contributed to the country’s unique culture. Then came the Vikings, pillaging the region and forcing native people to seek refuge in the forest. At the end of the tenth century, neighbouring countries –Sweden to the west and the Novgorod Republic to the east– were at war. In the twelfth century, King Eric IX of Sweden occupied Finland and introduced Christianity. Turku was founded at the start of the thirteenth century with its famous castle and cathedral. The Russians and Swedes entered into conflict over Finland. In the fourteenth century, Finland became a duchy of Sweden, which would last until the nineteenth century. In 1550, King Gustav I founded a small fishing town, Helsinki. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Finland became a grand duchy of the Russian Empire with Helsinki as the capital. Throughout this century, Finnish identity flourished and Nicholas II granted Finland a certain degree of independence before he was ousted by the Russian revolution. Finland declared independence in 1917 and became a republic two years later. Sandwiched between German and Soviet aspirations, Finland resisted during the Second World War and preserved its independence. Finland’s current social and economic model started to take shape during the second half of the twentieth century. In 1995, Finland became a member of the European Union.

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