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Motorcycle trip Spain

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Motorcycle Tour Spain

A motorcycle tour in Spain provides you with an exotic experience and a sense of endless delight. A bountiful nature, joyful life, good weather, everything required to make it a dream motorcycle tour. Spain is a mixture of natural and architectural beauties, cultural and historical riches. Galicia, Basque Country, Catalonia, or Andalusia, all these destinations are sought after by bikers who succomb to the infinite attractions of Spain. A wide range of landscapes as well as cultures, languages, regions and cities. A motorcycle trip in Spain takes you deep into an extremely rich and diverse culture, whether it is inland or along the coastline, you are set for a discovery riding atop a Royal Enfield. For exemple, head for Catalonia, which has been a popular destination among tourists since a long time. Just a few kilometres from France, we fall under the spell of Cap de Creus. Located at the eastern end of the Iberian peninsula, the site offers a very beautiful panorama over the mediterranean sea. We then take a break in Barcelona, for a festive discovery of the local cuisine that we share often in a spirit of warmth specific to Spain. Throughout the motorcycle tour of Spain, you will ride on beautiful mountain roads as well as steeper paths, farm from the classical tours.

Motorcycle tour season in Spain

When should one travel to Spain? Spain is the country of the sun, ideal for a motorcycle tour. Generally, the climate in Spain is mild and dry. Spring and autumn are the best seasons for a motorcycle tour in Spain. In this period, the temperature is pleasant in the entire peninsula. However, Spain has a range of climates depending on the region. Basque Country, Cantabria and Galicia have an Atlantic type of climate, mild and rainy in winters). Under the influence of the Gulf Stream, Galicia is the coolest and the most airy region in Spain. From Catalonia to Murcia, the climate is typically Mediterranean: hot and dry summers and very pleasant winters. In central Spain, mountains and plateaus including Meseta, a vast plateau known for its purely continental climate and for the mountain ranges that separate it from the coastal regions. Andalusia, protected by Sierra Nevada, is subject to African influences and has almost desert-like areas. In summer, the temperatures in Andalusia can be very high. You can also choose spring and autumn to avoid crowds of people who generally rush onto the Spanish coast during the summer months.

Geography Spain

Spain is a country that opens onto the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. In the South, the Gibraltar Strait separates Spain and Morocco. A vast European country, Spain includes Balearic archipelagos, Canary Islands as well as two enclaves in Africa. The Spanish territory is a vast plateau, protected in the south by Sierra Nevada and the Betic Cordillera and in the north by the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian Mountains. Three rivers meander through this limestone plateau: River Ebro runs from west to east and flows into the Mediterranean Sea in Catalonia; River Douro and River Tagus run from east to west and flow into the Atlantic Ocean, in Portugal. Contrary to popular belief, Spain is a very mountainous country. In the north, Cantabrian Mountains are an extension of the Pyrenees and attain an altitude of 2 648 m in the very beautiful massif of Picos de Europa. In the northwest, the Iberian cordillera characterizes the frontier with Andalusia. A motorcycle tour in Spain also provides an opportunity to discover the beautiful cities of Barcelona, Madrid or Seville. Head to Spain for a fascinating motorcycle adventure between the sea and the mountains.

History and culture in Spain

During your motorcycle tour in Spain, you will discover a country with a unique identity marked by its turbulent past. First occupied by the Romans, the barbarians, the Visigoths and then the Muslims from the 8th century, they would leave significant traces of their presence in Spain. The Christians then started the Reconquista till the fall of the Kingdom of Granada in 1492. The Spanish monarchy became the most powerful European country notably thanks to its immense colonial empire. Progressively weakened, Spain lost its colonies, the Bourbon monarchy was overturned, the first republic saw the light of day in the beginning of the 20th century. The Spanish popular front won the elections in 1936 but the civil war started and General Franco took over in 1939. Spain then experienced 36 years of dictatorship till the death of the Caudillo in 1975. Juan Carlos I came to power, reinstated democracy and the country experienced a true economic miracle. With an economy that changed radically over twenty years, under the influence of the European Union, this old self-sufficient and rural country became a true modern power. Today, Spain is finding it difficult to recover from the 2008 crisis, but tourism is an ever-expanding sector.

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