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When’s the best time to visit Denmark?

Denmark’s climate is mild with gentle summers and cool winters thanks to the sea. The best season to set off on a motorcycle tour in Denmark is summer, between the months of June and September. In summer, the days are long and temperatures reach an average of 20°C. Choose June and September over July and August, when rain is more likely. However, bear in mind that the wind can cool down lovely sunny days. Danes are keen beachgoers in summer, but don’t forget that the water is nippy! If you’d like to enjoy the beach after your motorcycle tour, pick August for your trip, when the water temperature reaches just shy of 20°C. Winter is long but the temperature never drops below zero and is far from the harsh winters of Norway and Sweden. Copenhagen’s temperature is very pleasant and is milder than its Scandinavian neighbours. Before setting off to Denmark, don’t forget some essential motorcycle equipment for your safety and comfort; don’t leave without warm clothes and a rain jacket!

Denmark's geography

A motorcycle tour in Denmark is a novel idea to discover a country that’s between the sky, land and sea. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, Denmark is made up of hundreds of islands and islets found to the north of Germany, many of which are connected by bridges. Among the hundreds of islands, the two largest inhabitable ones are Zealand and Fionie. The country’s main peninsula, Jutland, is easily accessible on a European road trip. Denmark is relatively flat with some hills and a carved out coastline, offering thousands of miles of coastal roads. In Denmark, there are no mountains or fjords but rolling hills, forests and lakes. Immense Greenland in the Atlantic Ocean, close to North America, is an autonomous Danish-dependent territory, as are the Faroe Islands found between Iceland and Scotland. Thanks to its geography, Denmark is one of the best countries for a motorcycle tour due to its mild climate, offering more suitable conditions than its Scandinavian neighbours.

Denmark's history and culture

During a motorcycle tour in Denmark, you’ll discover the legend of the Vikings who attempted to conquer north Europe. In around the tenth century, Denmark participated in the Viking attacks, when these swindling merchants colonised the entire European territory from aboard their ships. The Scandinavian union –reuniting Norway and Sweden– was formed at the end of the fourteenth century under the aegis of Queen Margaret. After centuries of occupations, dominations and independences, Denmark became a constitutional monarchy in the nineteenth century. During the Second World War, Germany invaded and occupied the country. Lastly, in 1973, Denmark joined the European Union. In the country’s recent history, its commitment to sustainable development, especially with respect to transport, is commendable. Around 50% of the Danish population travels by bicycle and in Copenhagen alone, there are more than 180 miles of bike lanes. To immerse yourself in the Vikings’ historic heritage, you can visit Ladby ship burial, Sjælland Viking fortress, Roskilde boatbuilding workshops and numerous museums throughout the country.
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