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Motorcycle trip China

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Motorcycle Tour China

China attracts travellers who are curious to discover a great, mysterious and fascinating country. Who hasn’t dreamt of visiting Beijing, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall or the dynamic city of Shanghai? A country of great technical progress, it is enough to leave the major axes to discover an extremely charming rural China. A Royal Enfield trip in China will take you first and foremost to the mountains of Sichuan and Yunnan. Embark on the winding roads of the Chinese Himalayas, in the middle of lush valleys and tea plantations, surrounded by the highest mountains of the world. Step into this adventure in a China full of contrasts, the land of new horizons. Exploring Yunnan and Sichuan atop motorcycles on the beautiful mountain roads gives a feeling of unsurpassed freedom. There are numerous Unesco heritage sites, diverse landscapes, climates and ethnic groups. Travelling the heart of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, you will admire the cultural and historical treasures; the villages are from another era and the people you will meet are unique. Open since several years to travellers, a simple tourist visa is sufficient to explore the numerous Chinese provinces. Do not hesitate anymore and join us on the roads of China atop a Royal Enfield.

When should one leave for China?

This immense territory is subject to the influence of all types of climate, from the sub-tropical to the most glacial. The best seasons for a motorcycle trip in China are autumn (September-October) and spring (April-May). Monsoon hits the eastern and central regions of china during the hot season from May to September, progressively from the South to the North. Generally speaking, all the Chinese provinces are situated in the temperate zone. The north is marked by a dry and windy climate and very severe winters. If you travel to Beijing in summer, the sky is often blurred with heat hazes while in winter, you will need warm clothes. The coastal regions in the East offer an oceanic climate, with four seasons being well represented. The country’s subtropical south is characterized by a hot and humid climate and heavy monsoon rains. The beginning of the Tibetan plateau, located at an average height of 4000m, is subject to extremely cold winters, short summers and very good sunshine. Sichuan and Yunnan are the most pleasant regions, with an ideal temperate climate ensuring harvests the whole year and a good vegetal diversity. There can sometimes be a little snow in winter.


Geography China

China is a vast country, 17 times the size of France, covering a quarter of the land area of Asia. It is equally big in terms of number of inhabitants, diversity of climates, topography and people. A motorcycle trip in China takes you to the heart of this magnificent mountainous country with its rice terraces, tea cultivation and colourful markets. The plateau of Yunnan-Guizhou and Sichuan basin can be found at an average altitude of 1500m. Located in southwestern China, Yunnan province shares its frontiers with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Three major rivers originating in Tibet flow through Yunnan: Yangtse, Mekong and Nujiang (Salween). Yangtse or the blue river is the largest river of the country and the third largest in the world after Amazon and Nile. Sichuan is the biggest province in southwestern China. With the region of Yunnan, it boasts of the biggest biodiversity in China including the famous giant panda. From the sacred mountain of Emeishan and the mythical city of Shangri-La to the Tiger Leaping Gorge, among the deepest in the world, you will discover one of the most authentic mountainous regions of Asia.


History and Culture in China

During a motorcycle trip in China, you will explore on the oldest civilizations of the world. For centuries, China went from dynasty to dynasty and was united with the arrival to power of the Qin dynasty in the 3rd century BC. Then it was the great Han dynasty, which reigned till the 3rd century AD. During major expeditions to Korea or Mongolia, several highways were built, including the “Silk route”. From the 13th century onwards, the Chinese empire has to face the great Mongolian invasion under the leadership of Genghis Khan. It is the first time in its history that China was invaded and dominated by a foreign force. The Chinese Ming dynasty subsequently reinforced its frontiers with the construction of the present Great Wall. Thereafter, it was the Qing dynasty which ruled till the beginning of the 20th century. With the decline of the dynasties, the first Chinese Republic was proclaimed in 1911 by a revolutionary doctor. China’s history was then marked by the creation of the Chinese Communist Party in 1921. The Proclamation of People’s Republic of China in 1949 concretized Mao’s victory in the face of nationalist supporters and led to a unified China.

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