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Be prepared to be amazed when travelling across Canada on a Royal Enfield! Vast, wild spaces, forests, rivers, lakes, the Niagara Falls and whale watching at St Lawrence, Canada has no shortage of beautiful landscapes! Make the most of the Indian summer to surround yourself with nature and admire the maple trees and silver birches lighting up the landscape. This enormous country is a compendium of wild natural beauty but Canada has so much more to offer. With a culturally rich heritage thanks to a mix of American Indian, British, French and some North American influence, not to mention Asian and Latin American communities, the country has many traditions. Exploring Canada on a motorcycle tour is also the perfect opportunity to meet English- and French-speaking locals, who are as warm and friendly as ever and have learnt to live with nature, respecting and appreciating its beauty. A motorcycle tour in Canada takes you deep into a multicultural country full of vast, unspoilt spaces, offering travellers a rare authentic experience.

When’s the best time to visit Canada?

If there were just one country where all four seasons are clearly defined, it would be Canada. The best seasons to take a motorcycle tour in Canada are spring, summer and autumn. Summer, between June and September, is undoubtedly the most pleasant time with sunny weather and mild-to-hot temperatures. Quebec can be boiling in summer, although the weather can change quickly. But don’t forget that it’s also peak tourist season. Spring and autumn may be better, as the prices are lower and there are fewer tourists, plus it’s a little cooler. Autumn is the best time to admire the magical landscapes of colourful maple tree forests blanketing the hills. If you want to catch the blazing foliage, head to Canada at the end of September or the start of October, in the midst of the Indian summer. But take note, the further north you head, the cooler the temperatures. It’s hardly surprising that most of the population are concentrated in the south of the country. Winter is long and cold throughout the country, so it’s strongly discouraged for touring. The days are shorter and most of the infrastructures are closed.

Canada’s Geography

During a motorcycle tour in Canada, you’ll discover an immense land that spans over 3,000 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. The second largest country in the world, Canada boasts expansive unspoilt spaces. There are three large regions: the mountainous west with the Rockies that stretch as far as Yukon, the Appalachians south of Quebec and the central region covered by immense plains. At the border with United States are the Great Lakes, Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario, and part of the Niagara Falls. The Gulf of Saint Lawrence to the east of the country is the largest estuary in the world. A refuge for the American Indian civilisation, the Great Canadian North extends beyond the polar circle. West Canada is very dynamic with the bustling city of Vancouver. To the east, Quebec, a French-speaking province, and Ontario are the richest regions with cities Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal at the heart of economic and cultural action.

Canada’s History and Culture

The first settlers in Canada date back more than 25,000 years, representing the beginning of the Native Americans’ extensive history, also known as the First Nations. Later, the country was built on by European colonies. During your motorcycle tour in Canada, you will have the chance to rub shoulders with a multicultural society, thanks to the country’s culturally rich heritage. Europeans disembarked at the start of the 16th century with the Portuguese explorer Joao Fernandes Lavrador. In 1534, French sailor Jacques Cartier navigated the Saint Lawrence River, an area populated by several First Nation tribes, such as the Hurons, Algonquins and Iroquois. But it was the explorer Champlain who really colonised the New World in 1600, founding Tadoussac, Port Royal and Quebec. That gave way to the fur trade era and the start of French and British hostilities with a backdrop of riots and oppression against the Indigenous population. The Seven Years’ War struck in 1756 and finished in defeat of the French. Some years later, Canada was divided into anglophone high Canada and francophone low Canada and English became Canada’s only official language in 1840. The country as we know it took shape during the 19th and 20th centuries and the Canadian economy developed due to logging and mining. In 1982, Canada became fully independent from the United Kingdom. Today, Canada is a bilingual, multicultural monarchy that is still working to unify a land made up of such unique regions, especially Quebec and the First Nations.

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