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Travelling across Australia on a Royal Enfield will take you through an immense country, AKA the largest island in the world! A land of contrasts, everything is extreme and fascinating on this vast expanse on the other side of the world. Come to Australia for a motorcycle tour to admire the endless breathtaking landscapes, cruise over red lands, enjoy sun-kissed beaches and discover an extraordinary quality of life. In this faraway paradise, we ride our motorcycles to lose ourselves on the outback tracks, desert roads, across vineyards and in the bush. There's everything you need to feel free and alive in Australia! From your motorcycle, admire unique landscapes of the most incredibly immense wild spaces. In this unspoilt world, between land and sea, you'll discover Australia's unique identity and the pleasure it brings to all who visit in search of a change of scenery. During your motorcycle tour in Australia, you'll cover remote areas in the middle of the Outback and take coastal roads observing how the waves crash against the rocks. Park up your motorcycle and set off to explore the Great Barrier Reef's turquoise lagoons. And lastly, don't miss the country's dynamic cities, Melbourne or Sydney, where you can soak up the typically Australian good vibes and easy living. A motorcycle tour in Australia will make you fall for its unique way of life and its beautifully wild landscapes.

When’s the best time to visit Australia?

Located in the southern hemisphere, Australia’s seasons are the opposite of Europe’s. Remember that when it’s summer at home, it’s winter in Australia. Summer is December to February and winter lasts from June to August. Influenced by the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia’s climate varies from one side of the country to the other. The north, central inland and south of the country have very different climates. If you choose the region carefully, you can set off on a motorcycle tour in Australia at any time of the year. The best season to travel to Australia is in summer from December to February, but it is also peak season in most of the country. During this period, you can expect mild temperatures in the Southern Territories and Tasmania, but visiting the north is discouraged, as it is really humid. The country’s deserted inland experiences extreme temperatures during this period. The dry season, from June to August, is better for visiting the regions of Queensland and the Northern Territory, when the tracks are accessible. Autumn (March-May) or spring (September-November) is the best time to ensure a mild climate throughout the country.

Australia’s Geography

Located in Oceania in the southern hemisphere, Australia is an immense island surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It’s about 32 times the size of the United Kingdom, spanning 1,988 miles from north to south and 2,485 miles from east to west. During a motorcycle tour in Australia, you will really get a feel for the omnipresent desert, which makes up almost 80% of the country. The central region, Red Centre, is a red sand desert called the Outback, which stretches across a large plateau. This dry, arid land is home to Australia’s most famous rock formations: Uluru and Kata Tjuta, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The coastal areas, spared from the aridity, are the most populated areas, especially the southeastern coast where the larger cities can be found. The Great Dividing Range crosses the eastern part of the country from north to south. Between Canberra and Melbourne, Mount Kosciuszko stands proud at 2,228 m altitude and is the country’s highest peak. The famous Great Barrier Reef, whose underwater fauna attracts tourists from the world over, is found along the Queensland coast. This tropical climate region is home to large national parks and numerous unspoilt spaces. Despite the extreme weather conditions, you will be surprised to see how well some tree species, such as eucalyptus or acacia, adapt.

Australia’s history and culture

During a motorcycle tour in Australia, you’ll discover a fascinating history of a land full of promise. The first inhabitants of this vast country, the Aborigines, arrived by sea as far back as 50,000 years ago. In 1770, captain James Cook was the first European to discover Australia and founded a colony, initially set up as prison territory. Thousands of prisoners were sent there to build up this new land, especially to Port Jackson prison, which later developed into Sydney Harbour. Then, in around 1850, the gold rush attracted Europeans, especially to the south of the country. During this period, the Aborigines were forced into reserves. Incredibly, they were not officially recognised as Australian citizens until 1967! The Australian government recently issued a formal apology to Indigenous Australians for their mistreatment. Australia became one nation in 1901, forming the Commonwealth of Australia, and later became completely independent from the United Kingdom in 1986. European and subsequent Asian immigration continued throughout the 20th century. For the past few decades, Australia has concentrated its efforts on its mixed cultural identity and economic development.

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