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New video by GoPro featuring Alex Chacon

The new video of GoPro is out, and we are super excited about it!
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New video by GoPro featuring Alex Chacon

The new video of GoPro – The Highest Road of the World – is out, and we have more than enough reasons to be super excited about it!
First, the main video for Hero3+ cameras has already received more than 12 million views. Second, it’s a full video about Royal Enfield touring in India. Third, the video features Alex Chacón, the guy who did 80,000+ miles in 500 days across the Americas. And finally, most importantly, it is the Vintage Rides team who contributed to this mind-blowing video by providing all the logistics for their motorcycle journey across India – yes, exciting!
Read our interview with Alex Chacón and watch the video below!

GoPro video on Royal Enfield touring across the Himalayas
Having been contacted during the busiest season of the year, and with very short time to prepare for the trip, we are happy everything went smoothly and according to plan. We assisted the GoPro team by creating a tailor-made tour in Delhi, Jaipur and Ladakh according to their interests, then providing the Royal Enfield bikes, a mechanic and a backup vehicle, booking all the accommodation and transportation for the trip, as well as getting a tour leader for the tour who was no-one else but Alexandre Zurcher, the director of Vintage Rides, himself!
We also have to give huge credits to the GoPro team: Yara, who was managing the project from the US, and James and Zak, who came to India to do the shooting. The two guys were completely rad, yet really really professional and a true pleasure to work with!

And of course, it was great to meet Alex Chacón and assist him during this journey. As Alex is the main person featured in the GoPro video, we decided to do a short interview with him and share it with our fans – enjoy!
Enter Alex Chacón: Adventure motorcycle trip to Ladakh by Vintage Rides
1. Having covered more than 80,000 miles across the Americas, how did you find the riding experience in India?
India is a challenging country to drive through, not because of the rough roads, but because of the people, culture and ideology behind what it means to travel on the road. It was fascinating and challenging at the same time, a wondrous mix of overpopulation, livestock road hazards and everyone in a loud honking flurry of impatience and always being in a hurry. It was unique, amazing, and will change your perception on what driving a motorcycle along with millions of others is all about!
Ride across Ladakh, Himalayas on a Royal Enfield
2. Was it your first time riding on a Royal Enfield? How did you like the Indian Bullet?
Yes it was my first time on a Royal Enfield. The bullet was a great, classy looking bike with plenty of power to enjoy the on and off roads of India. New video by GoPro on touring in India with Vintage Rides
3. What was the most challenging part of this trip?
The most challenging part was having to go home. It was so amazing to be around so much culture, amazing scenery and people that it was difficult to leave. Guided motorbike tours in Rajashtan, India
4. The most memorable experience? I think being engulfed by the vast expanse that is the Himalayas made me feel incredibly small yet so big at the same time. Looking up at the stars at 6000 meters above sea leave was the clearest I’ve ever seen them my entire life, it felt was if I was traveling into the sky as I ascended up and down the mountains. Guided motorcycle tours in India on Royal Enfield bikes
Mountains and valleys on a motorcycle tour for GoPro
5.What’s next on your list?
Africa is next on the list.
6. What would you say to the Vintage Riders?
Enjoy the hassle free experience Vintage Rides will give you, they will allow you to truly enjoy a slice of the true and cultural bomb that is India in a very unique and genuine way you’ll never forget!
– Thank you Alex!
Read more about Alex’s experience in India on his website: Alex Chacon on GoPro hero3+ Launch Video! India by Royal Enfield, and follow him on his Facebook Page: Alex Chacon! Tailor made motorcycle tour in the Himalayas
And of course… the video of GoPro!
Bustling streets of Jaipur, forts and palaces, elephants, camels and snake charmers, Royal Enfield motorcycles, stunning valleys in Ladakh and the incredible Himalayan mountains, all the way up to Khardung La, the highest motorable road in the world, at more than 18,000 feet – the video is a real treat to one’s eyes!
Without further ado… enjoy the beautiful video:

So what do you think?
If you like it, share it, and let us know in the comments below!
And see you in the Himalayas!
Cheers, Vintage Rides team

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New video by GoPro featuring Alex Chacon
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