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The 5 Best Motorcycle Road Trips in the U.S.A

Freedom means different things to different people, and freedom can be achieved in multiple ways. There's lots of different flavors of freedom to choose from. But you might agree with me when I say that one of the best ways to feel free is to ride a motorcycle. And not just ride a motorcycle, but ride a motorcycle somewhere that's known for freedom, a.k.a. the land of the free, the U.S.A. By Meelad Mashaw, Exsplore Blog.
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The 5 Best Motorcycle Road Trips in the U.S.A

5) Deal's Gap in Tennessee

Imagine riding a motorcycle along a dragon's tail. You're turning left, your turning right, you're leaning left, you're leaning right. That's what Deal's Gap feels like, hence the nickname, Tail of the Dragon. Close to the border of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, The Dragon is extremely challenging and full of curves. 318 curves along 11 miles to be exact. You're sideways pretty much the whole time! Ride along vibrant forest and green mountains. Challenging for beginners and experts, Deal's Gap will keep you on your toes the whole time.

4) San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway in Colorado

One of the officially designated All-American Roads. 233 scenic miles take on a route through the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. Ride this historic route and see ghost towns, abandoned mines, lush forest, famous ski resorts, and national parks. The road ascends to more than 11,000 feet as you reach the summit of Red Mountain Pass. There's also a very popular section of the road called The Million Dollar Highway. Extremely scenic; you'll see landscape that includes majestic valleys, waterfalls, cliffs, mountains, and wildlife like mountain goats, black bears, and mule deer. Considered the Switz Alps of the U.S., San Juan Skyway is a must ride!

3) The Three Sisters in Texas

If you're looking for your Texas fix, look no further than the The Three Sisters. Comprised of three different roads in the Hill Country of Texas, The Three Sisters starts in Medina, TX, and takes you on a 131-mile ride through twists and turns through mountains and canyons. Ride excitingly close to cliffs, rivers, and big Texas ranches. Also known as the #1 riding road in The Lone Star State, Twisted Sisters will be a fun and thrilling challenge for everyone. When you’re done, grab some good ol' Texas BBQ and catch some live music in Austin!

2) Route 66: Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California

Hollywood movies have romanticized this traditional American road trip and for good reason, it's one of the most original and most famous landmark highways in the U.S. Ride through more than 2,000 miles of Route 66, nicknamed "The Mother Road, the road of flight" by famous author John Steinbeck. Route 66 will take you through the heart of the U.S. and leave a pungent taste of America in your mouth. Start in the city of Chicago, Illinois, and ride through the Old West, see the Grand Canyon, and continue through the Mojave Desert before reaching the end of Route 66 in the famous beach city of Santa Monica, California.

1) Pacific Coast Highway in California

We saved the best for last. Soak up the sun along one of the most famous ocean drives in the world. A more than 600-mile journey takes you through beautiful destinations like San Diego, Los Angeles, Big Sur, Monterey, and San Francisco. Widely renowned as one of the most beautiful motorcycle roads in America, the PCH hugs tall rugged cliffs on California’s coastline. Experience sheer drop-offs, hairpin turns, sparkling blue ocean, and often even heavy morning fog on this narrow two-lane highway. Highway 1 has both challenging stretches that keeps riders on their toes and more relaxed areas that feel like easy ridin'. Ride through ancient coastal redwood forest and hear the crash of waves as you check this ride off your bucket list.
If you want to learn more about the beauty of the American landscape, visit Exsplore Blog, an outdoors adventure blog and travel blog based in California. Picture credits: Amboy / Gamene
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The 5 Best Motorcycle Road Trips in the U.S.A
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