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The biker spirit can be enjoyed in a pair or in a group! Based on your preference, you can choose a fixed-date group trip or opt for a personalized experience, alone or with your friends. So, what tempts you?

Join a group on fixed dates

For each tour itinerary, we arrange several fixed departure dates in the year, with max capacity of 12 riders (pillions included). Each of these guaranteed departures is led by an English-speaking tour leader. Whether you're a solo rider or with a partner or group of friends, join an existing group for an unforgettable experience shared with other biking enthusiasts!

Create your own group

Personalise your motorbike trip by creating your own dates and group! ''A la carte'' trips don't depend on the number of bikers in the group - you can even set off in a duo! You're guided by one of our tour leaders, and follow one of our pre-set itineraries. Choose your tour, and set off in a group with your biker mates for a memorable experience.

Go on an adventure

Take a totally self-sufficient adventure in Asia! On a Freedom tour, you head off without a tour leader, as a duo or in a small group. Before you depart, we run a training day for you at our Delhi garage - and supply you with an electronic roadbook, a mobile phone, and a Royal Enfield. Ride free!

Opt for a tailor-made tour

Design your own trip stages, based on our existing itineraries. You can tailor your stages based on how much time you have, and shorten or extend your trip's duration. Our team of tour experts have all the details at their fingertips to guide you towards the optimal itinerary and the trip that fits you best.

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