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Vintage Rides TV shooting for M6 TURBO

This week, Vintage Rides had the honour of welcoming the team of the TV show Turbo for a shooting in New Delhi. Turbo is a weekly TV show about the latest automobile and motorcycle news which is very famous in France and airs every Sunday on the public channel M6. 

It all starts a couple of weeks ago when the production team got in touch with us, saying they're coming to India for a shooting and that they would like to take the opportunity to do something with us for their show, too. Very flattered, we accept and manage to squeeze a short ride into their busy schedule on their last day before their flight back to Europe. 

We meet early in the morning at the Vintage Rides office and start by showing them around our headquarters. After a short briefing, we get on the bikes and head towards our beloved Mystery Lake, not too far away. The traffic to get out of the city is intense but the sun is shining and everybody seems to enjoy the ride, which instantly gets 10 times better once we're out of Delhi. 

The team shoots on the go and on a few stops we make along the road to take a break or watch the monkeys until we get to a small village, where everybody grabs a tasty Samosa and a Chai before shooting the closing scene of the show. We then head back to the Vintage Rides office for a late lunch and a nice cold beer until it's already time to say goodbye; the French still have some shopping to do before catching their flight in the evening.

The show is due to air in May and we will of course share the video as soon as it's out. And yes, it will be in French, sorry. But if you ask nicely we might add subtitles....

You can watch all Vintage Rides videos on our official YouTube channel. If you're looking for a true motorcycle experience, you can also take a look at all Vintage Ride tours. 

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