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Nepal Forever
Motorcycle Ramble
Nepal Forever
/ rider
11 days • 4 departures
30 Sep. 2024
30 Sep.24
1 bikes
02 Nov. 2024
02 Nov.24
6 bikes
29 Mar. 2025
29 Mar.25
10 bikes
Mustang: the Legendary Expedition
Adventure Tour
Mustang: the Legendary Expedition
/ rider
14 days • 3 departures
09 Nov. 2024
09 Nov.24
6 bikes
05 Apr. 2025
05 Apr.25
10 bikes
19 Apr. 2025
19 Apr.25
10 bikes
Upper Mustang: Adventure in the Forbidden Kingdom
Adventure Tour
Upper Mustang: Adventure in the Forbidden Kingdom
/ rider
14 days • 2 departures
01 Oct. 2024
01 Oct.24
1 bikes
12 Apr. 2025
12 Apr.25
8 bikes


An intoxicating blend of simple living and vibrant heritage, Nepal has been charming travelers for many years. With its storied capital city of Kathmandu, unique culture, lush nature, ancient temples, and roads that feel like they were made just for motorcycles, prepare to be transported through an ethereal journey like no other on earth. Mount up on a Royal Enfield and immerse yourself in a breathtaking Nepal motorcycle tour.


At Vintage Rides our crew of passionate riders is always ready to help you select the Nepal motorbike tour that best suits you. Nepal is a booming tourist destination, yet the country retains its timeless charm and authenticity. The ancient kingdom of Mustang, closed to foreigners until 1992, has managed to preserve its identity and its immensely diverse landscapes. Immerse yourself in Nepalese culture and meet the warm, welcoming people that call this place home. Because beyond the Himalayan peaks, the most stunning aspect of Nepal is surely its inhabitants! The smiles, the gentle way of life, and the peaceful atmosphere have long seduced travelers. There are a few pave roads on our motorbike tours in Nepal, such as those that connect Kathmandu to Chitwan, Tansen to Pokhara, or Begnas Lake to Nuwakot, but the real soul of our motorcycle tours in Nepal are the seldom-traveled dirt tracks through the heart of the country. For those adventurous spirits who are looking to push their limits and experience true adventure, these trails are a guaranteed thrill! But not all of our Nepal motorcycle tours are adrenaline-fueled roller coaster rides! While we offer two incredible Adventure Tours in Mustang for the most experienced bikers, we do offer more relaxed routes as well. For a more accessible motorcycle trip, Eternal Nepal is a Motorcycle Ramble tour that offers shorter days and less aggressive riding, making it enjoyable to a broader range of riders.


An experienced rider, do you dream of discovering Tibeto-Buddhist culture and the highest peaks of the Himalayas during a motorcycle tour in Nepal? Our Adventure Raids have been designed for fearless explorers looking for thrills. Led by our experienced local motorcycle guides, set off for 14 days on a legendary expedition to the gates of Annapurna on a journey of discovery, adventure and unforgettable encounters. Discover Mustang: The Legendary Expedition, one of our most beautiful motorcycle trips. Departing from Kathmandu, this Nepal motorbike tour through the Annapurna region is an absolutely unprecedented adventure. Along the way, you will discover all the diversity of Nepal by exploring the Chitwan National Park, a tropical jungle populated by elephants, rhinos and the famous Bengal tiger. Relax on the banks of Lake Pokhara before beginning the ascent through the rugged gorges of Kali Gandaki to Muktinath in the Mustang Valley. The road is flanked by the storied peaks of the Himalayas, including Dhaulagiri and Annapurna, scraping the sky at a breathtaking altitude of more than 8,000 m, surrounding you by a panorama of unrivaled glory. Our Adventure Raid in the Forbidden Kingdom takes you on the rocky trails of Upper Mustang, nestled on the borders of Nepal and Tibet. This is one of our most demanding Nepal motorcycle tour routes, but the bold will be rewarded with awe-inspiring landscapes of rocks and canyons forming a mineral labyrinth dominated by high snow-capped peaks. After a few days of climbing steep mountain trails, you reach the ancient capital of Mustang: Lo Mantang, perched at 3840 m above sea level.


There is an undeniable spiritual dimension that infuses all of our motorcycle tours in Nepal. You will discover the Kathmandu Valley, with its strikingly beautiful temples and sacred sanctuaries classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In Mustang, visit Buddhist monasteries nestled in the heart of the mountains such as those of Marpha, Jarkhot or Lo Mantang. All these extraordinary places allow you to step away from everyday life and immerse yourself in the unique culture of Nepal, where Buddhism and Hinduism harmoniously intertwine. Vintage Rides was founded on the belief that small groups and small bikes make for the biggest adventures. Sharing the road with a handful of kindred spirits brings an entirely new dimension to your road trip experience. When you join us on a motorbike trip in Nepal, you will share intense moments of freedom and growth with fellow adventure enthusiasts.


During a Nepal motorcycle tour you will discover the authentic heart of Nepalese historical, cultural and architectural heritage. Make the most of your time in Kathmandu with a visit to some of the city’s renowned sites: the Hindu temple of Pashupatinath, the imposing stupa of Bodnath (known as the largest in Asia), the Buddhist temple of Swayambhunath or the ancient royal cities of Patan and Bhaktapur. And for lovers of all things Asia, the adventure continues with our motorcycle road trips in India, our motorcycle trips in Mongolia, our motorcycle trips in Thailand and Laos, our motorcycle trips to Sri Lanka, and our motorcycle trips to Vietnam.
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Primarily a French company that appeals to their home market If you don’t speak French...

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Mustang: Legendary Expedition

Venture into the mystical kingdom of Mustang with the "Mustang: Legendary Expedition" motorcycle tour in Nepal. Ride through the breathtaking landscapes of the Himalayas, passing through ancient villages and sacred monasteries. This journey takes you into the heart of the Upper Mustang, a region rich in Tibetan culture and dramatic scenery. It's a challenging and rewarding adventure that offers deep cultural insights and unparalleled natural beauty.

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