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Prepare yourself for an adventure beyond your wildest dreams with a motorbike tour in Madagascar. What better way to discover Madagascar than riding a classic Royal Enfield? Throw your leg over the saddle and depart Antananarivo for 1,200km of fun and adventure. This motorcycle trip in Madagascar has something for everyone! Lovers of nature and the open road, new riders and serious adventurers: this is the perfect destination for you. Our exclusive itinerary transports you deep into The Red Lands of Madagascar on an 11-day journey with 8 incredible days riding.


Your motorbike tour in Madagascar will introduce you to the country’s most iconic locations. Few other countries offer such breathtaking diversity as Madagascar. Your motorbike adventure will explore Antsirabe and Tuléar by way of Isalo National Park. Highlights include verdant highlands, sprawling rice fields and terraced farms, towering massifs and deep canyons. You will experience arid savannah, idyllic beaches, and everything in between on your Madagascar motorcycle trip. Known for their kindness and hospitality, the wealth and wonder of Madagascar is evident on many levels.


This Madagascar motorbike tour will immerse you in culture and nature in an entirely new way. Your classic motorcycle lets you blend in with the locals, explore authentic villages, and immerse yourself in the diverse culture. Get to know the Betsileo, an ethnic group renowned for their intricate woodworking and fine essential oils. Your motorcycle road trip in Madagascar is an unparalleled opportunity to experience the heart and soul of the awe-inspiring Red Island. This Africa motorcycle tour immerses you in tradition, surrounds you with culture, and fuels you with mouth-watering cuisine.


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Located in the center of the island, Antananarivo is the economic and cultural heart of Madagascar. The country’s capital is known for its vibrant blend of colonial and traditional Malagasy architecture. Stroll through its colorful markets, peruse historic sites like the Queen’s Palace, and immerse yourself in lively community events. Your motorbike tour in Madagascar will allow you to truly enjoy the beauty and excitement of Malagasy diversity.




Perched at 1,475 m above sea level in the center of the island, the town of Antsirabe is one of the coldest places in the Highlands. Nicknamed the Vichy of Madagascar, it is famous for its thermal baths. Founded by Norwegian missionaries in the 19th century, it is surrounded by volcanic landscapes and a magnificent lake. Its natural beauty and unique landscape make it a must-see destination on your Madagascar motorcycle tour.




In southern Madagascar, Ambalavao is a charming town known for its traditional, brightly colored wooden houses and bustling markets. The city is also famous for its local wine and handcrafted Antemoro paper. During a motorcycle trip in Madagascar, you will be immersed in authentic Malagasy culture. The surrounding landscapes possess a majesty all their own, including the breathtaking mountains of Andringitra National Park.




Located on the southwest coast of Madagascar, Mangily is a hidden paradise renowned for its white sand beaches and turquoise waters. The peaceful village is also known for its baobab reserve and its traditional fishing community. Your motorbike tour to Madagascar ends on the shores of Tuléar, where you’ll have the opportunity to go diving and snorkeling. These stunning turquoise waters are home to exceptional coral reefs.

The ideal time for a motorbike tour in Madagascar is during the dry season, between May and October. You will enjoy the best weather conditions, with generally pleasant temperatures and lower chance of rain. Spring and autumn are the perfect seasons to tour Madagascar by motorcycle.


Avoid the rainy season, which comes with the risk of cyclones. Avoid motorbike trips in Madagascar between December and April, and especially from January to March. The East Coast and the northern and southern tips generally experience the greatest weather impacts. During the rainy season roads are often muddy and slippery, and most tracks are impassable due to flooding or landslides.

On a positive note, the island benefits from 360 days of sunshine per year and there is only one hour time difference with France!

Located in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is a large island situated off the coast of Mozambique, approximately 400 km (250 miles) east of the African continent. Covering an area of 587,041 km2 (227,000 square miles), it is renowned for its stunning biodiversity and varied geography. Madagascar is bisected by a long spine called The Highlands, which runs north to south across the island. The Highlands are a chain of hilly plateaus interspersed with mountains, including the island’s highest point, Mount Maromokotro (2,876 m/1,787’). This diverse geography makes your Madagascar motorcycle tour endlessly engaging. Along the east coast, the sea gives way to coastal plains ringed by steep, rugged cliffs. To the west, gentle slopes and vast plains line the Mozambique Channel. 

Your motorcycle road trip in Madagascar will guide you from north to south through ever-changing landscapes amongst incredible biodiversity. A stay in Isalo National Park will let you explore spectacular landscapes, including eroded sandstone rock formations, deep canyons, grassy plateaus and lush oases. The island is home to a vast array of unique flora and fauna, including many endemic species such as lemurs and baobabs. This natural wealth makes Madagascar a global biodiversity hotspot.

Step back in time and discover the history of this fascinating island on a motorcycle trip to Madagascar. Nicknamed “Mada” or “Red Island”, Madagascar is home to people of great ethnic diversity. In the Malagasy language, “foko” designates groups of people with homogeneous family, economic and social structure, united by language, culture and collective consciousness. The Malagasy people originated in Africa and the Malay archipelago of South Asia. Today the Malagasy includes no fewer than 18 ethnic groups, known for maintaining the culture and traditions of their ancestors. These groups include the Betsileo who live in the south-central region, and the Vezo, fishermen whose customs and traditions are linked to the sea. Situated at the crossroads of worlds, Madagascar has a rich culinary history with wide-ranging influences. Malagasy’s cuisine reveals blends of spicy Creole flavors introduced by immigrants from Southeast Asia, Africa, India, China or Europe, who have settled on the island over the centuries.

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