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Jean Burdet’s side-car Himalayas video – 20min

Remember the journey of Jean Burdet and his side-car ride in the Himalayas? It was the first side-car to get to the highest motorable road in the world!
They left from New Delhi to climb all the way up to the Kardhung La pass; Jean and his son took up this challenge and succeeded despite the various difficulties encountered on the way.
The Vintage Rides team is proud to have brought their little touch to this great project. It is indeed in our garage that the pieces of the famous side-car have been received and assembled.
Congratulations again to Jean and his team for the accomplishment of this great adventure.
Here's the long version of their video of the Himalayan climb.

If you also want to climb the Himalayas to reach the highest motorable road in the world, you can take a look at our motorcycle tours in the Himalayas on Royal Enfield.

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