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my only criticism was we had…

01 January 1970


On the Roads of Ceylon
my only criticism was we had one rider with nearly no motorcycle experience who as a result slowed the entire group down. Just need to make sure peoples riding experience matches the trip

The trip was all I expected,…

01 January 1970


On the Roads of Ceylon
The trip was all I expected, there was one rider who was a very slow inexperienced rider and I think we may have missed out on a couple of places of interest as we had run out of time.

There were some issues with permits…

01 January 1970


Upper Mustang: Adventure in the Forbidden Kingdom
There were some issues with permits that caused some delays at Tatapani. Need better support from support team. Vintage office staff should each ride the routes they are promoting so they have a better understanding of the challenges and daily logistics involved.

The Routes of Hinduism

01 January 1970


The Routes of Hinduism

Yes, very unique (first time for…

01 January 1970


Jungle and Beaches of Southern Thailand
Yes, very unique (first time for us). Good balance of riding and other activities.

generally a good trip and experience,…

01 January 1970


The Wild Spirit of the Steppe
generally a good trip and experience, and I was pleased with Vintage Rides. However, the i Have the following comments: The guide rode too slowly (sometimes dangerously slowly) we did not cover enough distance and could have ridden for at least 1 hour per day more, sometimes 2 hrs per day more. Staff were great, accomodations were great, the group was nice, but at 10 riders was the maximum it should be - 8 would be better. The way i had to pay cost me a lot in bank charges that were unneccesary. you should alter these payment options for uk customers. my final night in UB was disrupted by hotel staff!

It was everything I expected &…

01 January 1970


Mustang: the Legendary Expedition
It was everything I expected & much more. Cant fault it.

on the ride page more details…

01 January 1970


Mustang: the Legendary Expedition
on the ride page more details on way a tour is "Demanding" like (High altitude, off road driving, water passing, mud, gravel) so we do not end up with a rider in the follow car for 90% of the trip :-/

Loved the trip. One thing i…

01 January 1970


South Africa: The Wild Escape
Loved the trip. One thing i particularly love, and some others might not, is giving back to the communities i am riding in. think you could incorporate more of this into the trip. the best day of my holiday was going on a township tour in cape town and being able to help a local kindergarten there. for people like me there might be more suggestions or opportunities along the trip to give back. i would also would have loved to have done some more challenging riding, but there was such a diversity of riding experience int he group this might not be possible. but oh my, the tracks we did in the four wheel drive when we went on the mini safari, would have loved to gone for a blast on them on the bike :-) awesome tour though. the only thing i would have skipped it the colonial ghost town we stayed in, cant remember the name, would have preferred to spend another night in the wine regions and maybe doing some more off road riding on more technical dirt roads. but thats just me being picky! loved the tour. Cheers Ali

Mustang: the Legendary Expedition

01 January 1970


Mustang: the Legendary Expedition
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