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Motorcycle road trip Mongolia

Immersion in Tsaatan Lands

An intense adventure where we take on the Mongolian Taiga for an unforgettable motorcycle journey.

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Brandon, Travel designer

If our easternmost tour leader is not in Ulan Bator, then he’s sure to be blazing a trail across the steppe.

Looking for adventure? You can find all the right ingredients on this tough road trip awaiting you in the northernmost region of Mongolia. On the Siberian Frontier, discover a different Mongolia with the Tsaatan, the last remaining nomadic reindeer breeders who have inhabited this subarctic taiga for thousands of years. Get on your Royal Enfield, ride for close to 1350km (838 miles) on various tracks in the region to reach the high point of this journey: the sacred Khövsgöl Lake… Time to put on your helmets and gloves!

Useful information
Period June to September
Duration 14 days incl. 9 days' riding
Level Demanding
English-speaking tour leader
Accommodation Standard
From 4240€/pilot

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Your motorcycle tour in Mongolia 14 stages - 1360 km

children girl smile mongolia
D1 / Arrive in Ulan Bator

According to your flight time. Welcome at the airport followed by transfer to your hotel. Free time to visit the city. A city of contrasts, you can meet nomadic families, taste exquisite dishes or even relax in a luxury spa, all in the same day.

mountains rainbow mongolia
D2 / Ulan Bator - Moron

You leave early for Ulan Bator’s airport along with your motorcycle tour leader to head for Moron at 690 km in the north. Moron is the capital and the administrative center of the Khövsgöl province. This is your first day, you can relax and visit the city’s museum which has a beautiful collection of local flora and fauna.

roads bike mongolia
D3 / Moron - Ikh Ull - 120 Km

First day on the motorcycle! We leave this morning on a very beautiful slender road towards Ikh Ull. Halfway into this leg, we wind our way along the magnificent valley of Selenge, one of the great Mongolian rivers with its endless meanderings… Its waters find refuge in Lake Baikal in Russia.

group riders mongolia
D4 / Ikh Ull - Ulziit - 170 Km

We start this leg by riding along the Selenge valley for a few kilometers and then we push a little deeper into the immensity of the steppe. Midway through, we leave the main track to explore the local tracks. We leave the region of Kövsghöl for a bit to enter the region of Arkhangay and reach the small town of Ulziit. You spend the night in camp.

motorcycle sand mongolia
D5 / Ulziit - Galt - 120 Km

Today’s ride is split between the main track and the secondary tracks. We go a little further into the mountains of Khangai, the wolf kingdom… We reach the village of Galt late afternoon and enjoy natural hot springs.

eagle motorbike mongolia
D6 / Galt - Bayan - 200 Km

We head northwards for this long day which will lead us first to the salt water lake of Sangiin Dali surrounded by dry mountains. Several migratory birds find refuge here. In the afternoon, we reach the city of Bayan along the Delgermurun river.

mongolian traditional costume
D7 / Bayan - Tugul - 230 Km

We leave with the first rays of the sun for the longest leg of our trip. Steppe landscapes of Bayan gradually give way to Mongolian Taiga as we head northwards. The Russian border is only around fifty kilometers away to the west. In the evening, we reach Tugul, a small mountain village with log houses.

bridge nature mongolia
D8 / Tugul - Gurvanshaikan - 180 Km

You will ride around at the heart of one of the most beautiful valleys in the country. In the east, the Khodol Sarag mountains tower above us with the peaks attaining a height of more than 3000m and to the west, the Ulan Taiga range. We reach the banks of Lake Dood Tsagaan. You spend the night in camp.

tree sea mongolia
D9 / Gurvanshaikan - Khövsgöl Lake - 180 Km

After having followed your explorations for close to one week, the rocky tracks will liberate you from your expectations by offering you an extraordinary panorama of the famous Khövsgöl Lake. Overnight stay in a yurt camp by the lake.

beach sea nature mongolia
D10 / Khövsgöl Lake

Today you leave your mounts to take some rest and enjoy the lake’s surrounding areas. In the middle of the Kövsghöl National Park, try to observe the exceptional fauna (wolves, brown bears, ibexes, bighorn sheep, deer, elks, wolverines). The lake breathes life all around it in a complex eco-system. Several animal and plant species are endemic to it.

traditional tent mongolia
D11 / Khövsgöl Lake - Hatgal - 80 Km

Early in the morning, we get back on our Royal Enfields for the exquisite part of your trip. We ride along the Lake Kövsghöl to reach the village of Hatgal on the extreme southern tip of the lake. Overnight stay in a yurt camp.

royal enfield motorcycle mongolia
D12 / Hatgal - Moron - 80 Km

Possibility of enjoying the lake area for the last time with our motorcycles before hitting the trail and then the road towards Moron. To the city’s west, we will discover, if you so wish, deer stones of Uushigiin Övör.

dawn nature mongolia
D13 / Moron - Ulan Bator

It is time to leave this magnificent region. We reach the Moron airport early morning and head for Ulan Bator. In the afternoon, free time in the capital.

train station mongolia
D14 / Ulan Bator - International airport

A leisure day for those who have a flight in the afternoon. We enjoy, for the last time, the unique spirit of this warm and friendly capital. A taxi will come to pick you up from the hotel to take you directly to the airport. End of our services.

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The riders' opinions

I would recommend Vintage Rides to any …

“I would recommend Vintage Rides to any rider contemplating a guided motorcycle tour. Right from my initial email with Denise, the professionalism and attention to detail was reassuring. Everything was organised for us and our tour guide Josh was fantastic from start to finish. The Royal Enfields were a lot of fun and suited the type of riding we did, the scenery was simply mind blowing and the tour was the best holiday and adventure ever. On top of all this, the value for money was excellent. I will be touring with Vintage Rides again. I did the Trans Himalayan in India.”

Christopher Ingles
Mustang .... just do it !

“This is my second trip with Vintage Rides and it was just as good as the first. ( I have even booked a third, so that's three within the year!). If your a rider that likes adventure and off-road riding, then Mustang is the journey for you. Be prepared to be pushed to the limits and also meet a good bunch of fellow adventure riders.”

David Corbett
i did the nepal mustang trip in …

“i did the nepal mustang trip in november with my son, a small amount of offroading skills is required. He had only passed his test 3months earlier and had gone a couple of off roading sessions and coped well. The weather was good that time of year, no rain and warm. the tour was better than i'd ever expected with a number of surprises along route. most accommodation was of good standard with some of very good 'the wife could spend a week here' standard. the bikes worked better than i'd expected, not ktm standard but you wouldnt want to be on a ktm allday, and half the appeal was the enfield. i would recommend this trip, so much so i am looking presently to book another trip with vintages rides.”


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