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Motorcycle road trip Mongolia

East Side Story

An original expedition in a Royal Enfield sidecar, through the Mongolian steppes.

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Jean Burdet

Jean Burdet, Travel designer

A seasoned long-haul adventurer and sidecar enthusiast, he’s always up for the most mind-boggling adventures.

Open to all fans of adventure and the great outdoors, this exceptional trip takes you to discover Mongolia differently. Be the pioneers of a trip in Yeti sidecars, specially designed for our Mongolia-based fleet of Royal Enfields. The Yeti’s simple yet efficient steel body – tested in Ladakh in 2014 by long-time sidecar designer Jean Burdet and his son – is ideal for this type of terrain. Courtesy of these prodigious machines, you’ll feel incomparably free. From steppe to sand dunes, travel trails through the rolling forests of Orkhon, seeking encounters with nomads. Join our wild bunch for the first-ever Mongolian adventure in Royal Enfield sidecars.

Useful information
Period June to September
Duration 10 days incl. 8 days on bike / in sidecar
Level Demanding
English-speaking tour leader
Accommodation Standard
From 4390€/pilot

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Your Motorcycle Tour in Mongolia 10 stages - 1150 Km

mongol man motorcycle
D1 / Arrive in Ulan Bator

You're met at the airport then transferred to your hotel. Unguided tour of the city.

riders motorcycles roads mongolia
D2 / Ulan Bator - Dashinchilen - 220 Km

We meet up with our tour leader, then time for the big departure! We take a superb road through the steppe, with mountain backdrop. From time to time, an eagle awaits us on a roadside pylon, flying off as we approach.

nature mongolia sea
D3 / Dashinchilen - Ogii Nuur - 140 Km

We set off this morning on a beautiful road through the steppe, before riding on a small, unpredictable trail - a dash of adventure before reaching the yurt camp on the shores of Ogii Nuur Lake, nestled at the foot of the mountains. Night at the camp.

steppes mongolia motorcycles
D4 / Ogii Nuur - Tsenkher - 140 Km

An early start by Ogii Nur Lake, offering a superb viewpoint. We ride along a trail through the heart of the steppe, which stretches endlessly ahead. At first pristine, then dotted with a few nomads' yurts, the trail enters hillier terrain as we reach our yurt camp. An early-evening soak in the hot springs will be much appreciated.

tourists mongolia group
D5 / Tsenkher - Orkhon Valley - 100 Km

The trail leads us into the heart of the Orkhon River Valley, and the landscapes become ever more mountainous. The steppe gradually changes into the rolling scenery of the volcanic Khangai Mountains. We arrive in mid-afternoon at our hosts' place, near the Orkhon Falls.

group french mongolia
D6 / Orkhon Valley - 50 Km

This morning, we leave our bikes and sidecars back at base, and explore the steppe. With several guides, we go horse-riding in one of the country's most beautiful valleys - an unforgettable experience. In mid-afternoon, back in the saddle for a 90-minute cruise through the valley.

mongolia motorcycle trip
D7 / Orkhon Valley - Karakorum - 100 Km

In early morning, we climb onto our Royal Enfields and ride straight north to the ancient capital of Gengis Khan's empire, on superb trails then a smooth asphalt road. Night in a yurt camp.

horses sand mongolia
D8 / Karakorum - Khogno Khan - 110 Km

The marmots among you can enjoy a lie-in! After lunch, we take an asphalt road to the dunes of Khogno Khan. The winds coming off the steppe convey the sand to the foot of the mountains - a place known as "Little Gobi''.

nature landscape mongolia
D9 / Khogno Khan - Ulan Bator - 290 Km

We ride the road to Ulan Bator - a superb ribbon of asphalt along the desert plain, then the steppe. One last day immersed in these mind-blowing landscapes. We reach the capital at day's end.

horses steppes mongolia
D10 / Ulan Bator

A free day for those with a late flight. We'll savour the unique atmosphere of the capital, both rough and warmly welcoming. Ulan Bator won't leave you cold. Transfer to the airport.

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I would recommend Vintage Rides to any …

“I would recommend Vintage Rides to any rider contemplating a guided motorcycle tour. Right from my initial email with Denise, the professionalism and attention to detail was reassuring. Everything was organised for us and our tour guide Josh was fantastic from start to finish. The Royal Enfields were a lot of fun and suited the type of riding we did, the scenery was simply mind blowing and the tour was the best holiday and adventure ever. On top of all this, the value for money was excellent. I will be touring with Vintage Rides again. I did the Trans Himalayan in India.”

Great team offering a wide choice of …

“Great team offering a wide choice of rides. I selected northern Thailand, the golden triangle route. Well planned ride on good quality bike's, interesting and unique accommodation, well priced and well organised. No hesitation in recommending them and I am planning another trip for 2018 Neil UK”

Excellent tour of Rajasthan

“Excellent tour of Rajasthan. Great bikes and superb accommodation. Anuj was just the best tour guide.”


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