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Odisha (or Orissa) is a little-known tribal land (which represents less than 1% of the foreign tourism in India), and transports us into a world, pre-industrialization. For lovers of preserved natural sceneries and authentic encounters, this motorcycle trip offers the soothing simplicity of the ancient kingdom of Kalinga. Along its 480 kilometers (298 miles) of the Bay of Bengal’s almost untouched coastline, you’ll discover the hills of the native tribes and their countless rustic charms.


If you’re not a big fan of crowds and touristy spots, and are familiar with India, then this forgotten land of the Center-East is for you. Once you leave Puri’s seaside resort, you’ll go through dense and preserved forests, national parks, waterfalls and wild beaches to meet some of the most primitive tribes in the country – 64 total in this state alone. You’ll also meet with traditional fishermen, artisans and peasants whose practices seem to go back to the origins of the human species. A journey that’s worth every yoga and meditation session for all of the peacefulness this discovery will bring you.


Are you a motorcycle and travel enthusiast? Do you like to go off the beaten paths and discover what many others will never see? Embark on a motorcycle trip in Odisha for a 14 day excursion in India’s most preserved region!
From Puri, this religious seaside resort where you’ll be immersed in the purest Hinduism, to the immense Chilika Lake, going through native hills, you’ll ride on a large majority of impeccable roads with the route network having recently been renovated. Think about the country roads that will keep your senses alert, the hills’ winding curves, the seaside tracks… A biker’s dream!
You’ll discover this beautiful and unknown region, even to most Indians, at the rhythm of the road. What’s awaiting you: tasty cuisine, many forms of craftsmanship and some surprises (night in a royal palace, ascetics of an intriguing Hindu sect…). Odisha is a well-kept secret, let’s hope it remains this way!

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He's the old timer in the gang, having arrived in Delhi more than two years ago. A real livewire, he'll convey to you his knowledge of and passion for the Himalaya. Without exception he travels by bike, on a Royal Enfield GT - they're inseparable!

The opinion of Laurie
Vintage Rider

«A wonderful and memorable experience. The 12 day tour that my wife (pillion) and I went on in Madhya Pradesh was very well planned, with interesting and sometimes challenging rides and sight-seeing during the day and comfortable, culturally fascinating places to stay in at night. Our tour leader was experienced, organised, had a fun personality and managed to respond to each member of the tour as an individual. We highly recommend Vintage Rides to anyone with a sense of adventure and competent motorcycle skills. Laurie and Jennie McAdam»

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3850€/pilot – 3600€/pillion
John Travel designer John

Land of the Forefathers

Motorcycle Ramble

“A unique motorcycle tour through a well-preserved region of India.”

Duration 14 days incl. 10 days' riding
Level Intermediate
Period February

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Since 2006, Vintage Rides has been the specialist for character-packed motorcycle tours in Asia. We design offbeat itineraries to give you an unforgettable motorbiking experience.

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