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The Transcontinental: the adventure motorcycle expedition of a lifetime

What bike traveler has never dreamed of riding off the beaten track in the most beautiful, remote places on earth? Getting away for more than a month to the other side of the world on a Royal Enfield to explore the difference, the unknown?
The Transcontinental, from South Asia to Southeast Asia, is an adventurous motorcycle expedition of 36 days over more than 5,300 kilometers, on a Royal Enfield, in 4 countries through landscapes that are as breathtaking as varied. Every day you will discover something new and exciting. To make it even more memorable, the trip will be guided by the adventurer and motorcycle trip expert Jay Kannaiyan, who traveled through more than 33 countries on his motorbike! 

The goal? Crossing North India, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and Laos on a Royal Enfield, discovering the wonders and diversity of each country. A unique experience organized by Vintage Rides in collaboration with Jammin Global! 
The temples of Angkor Wat, the virgin territories of Myanmar, the encounter with tribes that have never seen strangers and much more experiences are awaiting you on this unique journey!
And the adventure begins ... now! Jay left on November 26 for a recognition tour. He has crossed North India, rode through Myanmar and is now in Thailand. You can follow Jay on his trip on our social networks and learn more about this amazing experience.

Follow Jay on our Facebook page. 
More information coming soon on the Vintage Rides website.

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